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  1. A life hack is to ladle the gravy into zip lock plastic bags, release the air and zip closed. Lie flat and freeze on a tray, once frozen, remove tray and your left with portions of envelope sizes of gravy. As simple as that. they really are that good Or you could try and be smart and use a saw, making one hell of a mess of the workshop, the saw and every around it.
  2. Nearly took out the Mother in law? I couldn’t borrow him for the weekend could I ?
  3. Always get the Dick head owners. Who don’t mind if there Dogs slapped on the Dangerous dogs list.
  4. That’s one thing that bowled me over about this Dog, he can run, they do have greyhound in there make up and they are very much like a sight hound. His prey drive is phenomenal. Then back at home he’s good with other Dogs, great with my Grandson but never off guard. A real all rounder in my eyes. He’s a good athletic type. That was the only thing I insisted on. he really is some Dog, I can not fault him
  5. My wife grew up with Doberman’s, most of her family had them back in the day. I was never keen. I’ve always been a Bull breed man. After losing my last Bull Grey I decided I would cave in and let her have a Doberman pup. I couldn’t get on with it at all, he wasn’t keen on me, and the feeling was quite mutual TBH. I couldn’t work him out at all. Nothing like I had ever worked with before. Anyway I wasn’t too fussed as it was the wife’s Dog and she took him to pup school and put time in. As he came out of Puppy stage and into a young Dog, things changed. We clicked and TBH he has blown
  6. I’m surprised myself that Fury isn’t keeping himself Fighting fit. He’s been out the ring a long time now for someone wanting a big fight. In my opinion it’s undoing the work he put in with Walin and Wilder, for me they were always warm up fights for him to regain his titles. it will all come out in the wash
  7. Scotland had there Referendum and as Borris pointed out yesterday, it was supposed to be a once in a lifetime opportunity. They voted to stay! But like we witnessed with our very own EU referendum, the losers couldn’t and wouldn’t ax the result. Add to that Scotland voted to remain part of the EU, they’re using that for their own personal agenda. I would Hang Wee Jimmy Cranky from the gallows tree.
  8. I don’t disagree with any of what you posted here, but Fury was completely out of shape/form and I believe he would school him today. But hey, sport is sport and it divides opinions.
  9. Dougieboy


    Mary Mother of Jesus
  10. I’m f***ing glad that pot was made in USA well done Ken, looks good.
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