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  1. There was a lot of head clashes in the first 2/3 rounds with Persoon coming off worst in most of them but Taylor also had a big lump on her head from these clashes. I thought Persoon had won again with her work rate and forcing the fight but Taylor did do the tidier work. This fight was more scrappy than the first so a lot of rounds could have gone either way but the score card of Victor Loughlin of 93-98 was miles off imo .
  2. The percentage splits are set by the Governing bodies unless the challenger is a bigger draw than the champion like say Canelo v GGG so then the fighters agree to the percentage split. Hearn defo looked more shocked tonight than when Joshua lost, maybe because he has been running his mouth so hard about Whyte fighting Fury and trying to lay down all sorts of stipulations/time restraints etc and now its as good as gone .
  3. To get the Joshua fight you have to sign up to take the same percentage in the rematch as you did in the first fight . Fighting is a boxers job risk v reward, eliminators for titles to get title shots is where the big money is, some fighters never even get the opportunity.
  4. Pulevs team bid more than Hearn,Whyte felt he would not get a fair fight out in Bulgaria. Hearn offered Whyte,Usyks first fight at Heavyweight but refused it. Whyte then refused fights with Joyce and Dubois saying they where not at his level. A rematch with Joshua would have been his biggest ever purse.Who ever was guiding Whyte did him no favours I know that, advising him to fight Povetkin and risk his mandatory slot seems to be the icing on the cake now unfortunately .
  5. No I watched an interview with Whyte on youtube on one of the Boxing podcasts giving his reasons for turning the fights down. He didnt want the Ortiz fight in America and Hearn lost the purse bid for the Pulev fight so the fight went to Bulgaria and he refused it with Hughie Fury stepping in iirc.
  6. Povetkin is old and clearly not the fighter he was but still a dangerous fighter as Whyte found out in devastating fashion tonight !
  7. Its well documented about Whyte refusing eliminators with Ortiz and Pulev, had he took those fights hed have had his Title shots a long time ago. Are you on the WBC committee or Whytes negotiating team to say he had been WBC mandatory for 1000 days ? Who told you that then ? Whyte only became WBC mandatory after Wilder beat Brezeale in May 2019 !
  8. Whyte has nobody to blame but himself, he refused to fight Ortiz to be the WBC mandatory, he refused to fight Pulev for IBF mandatory, he refused to fight Joshua for all his belts. Whyte has never been WBC mandatory for 1000 days either, he refused to fight Ortiz and then Brezeale was made mandatory while Whyte sat at no 1 ranking .
  9. Hearn is still going to lobby the WBC to keep Whyte as Fury’s mandatory despite that KO loss for him tonight ! Ive never ever seen the biased Sky commentary ever shut up like that . lol
  10. It makes no difference to Joshua, he still has two mandatorys Max to defend against before fighting Fury. Pulev for the IBF belt and Usyk for the WBO belt, Usyk will beat Joshua imo and has stated numerous times he wont step aside to let Joshua fight Fury and rightly so. Usyk will be giving Hearn nightmares ! As for tonight Povetkin is clearly not the fighter he once was but still tough and as dangerous ever, you just cant let him unload inside as Whyte found out .
  11. Be dumping them cheap for tyre business’s id think . Be sick now with all them dumped in his garden lol.
  12. No surprise here then, another outstanding member from his community . Black privilege no doubt !
  13. I've used the place for meat a few times when I've been over that way,it's quality meat but like you say it's not worth the time and effort plus price of fuel to travel there just for meat .
  14. MickC

    Sex pistols

    I have a few Black mates,I eat a few takeaways,I like the Sex Pistols but why should I bend the knee to appease another race ? There is not a White man/woman alive who has owned or sold slaves or mistreat them,it's all History and History can not be changed ! Slavery was bad and there is no denying it but there was not only Black slaves. So to stand by your own race does that mean because we are White we are RACISTS ? Millions of Blacks protesting/looting/pillaging/murdering across the globe because of the way there ancestors where treat nearly 200 years ago and still feel hard done by today ,
  15. Racism has only ever worked one way and always will do. BLM is all over the World at the moment but a tiny WLM at a football ground has upset them all. It's been mentioned on threads before but some people with power are behind all this BLM bs and there driving it for there own purposes. American "White Supremacists" predicted all this decades ago and where seen as a laughing stock,there words have opened a few eyes now though . It's like it's almost racist just to be White these days .
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