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    Rip love island

    As already mentioned, there are people in all walks of life who want to live but for whatever reasons cant, then you have people taking there own lives and there family and friends who they leave behind are left to deal with it ! Flack had a platform with her job and this sends out the wrong message to younger impressionable people imo !
  2. Fury will play it much the same way as the first fight id think but hopefully punching with a bit more authority and less clowning and giving his height away as well as concentrating more this time.I dont think Fury has the power to knock Wilder out but he may be able to stop him Chisora style which is what Roach wanted him to do in the first fight. To be fair to Wilder though he is very athletic and can do 12 rounds no problem so I can see it going much like the first fight. As long as there is no controversy and we have a clear winner.
  3. Hearn has of late been looking into getting UK ppv prices to match US prices, good luck with that. If Wilder does not knock Fury out he loses.Id like Fury to win and he should win but one slip up with Wilders power and it could go all wrong.
  4. Tank Davis id also like to see in with Garcia but Mayweather wont be rushing any time soon to match his protege with a talent like Garcia. Id take Garcia to stop Davis in a one sided fight imo .
  5. Who told you that lol ? The further North you get they dont get as big as the some of the South/Park deer due to environment/food availability but certainly still a formidable task.
  6. Well being and nutrition play a big part in a pups growth once there away from the mother,hence why there can be so much difference in size compared to the other litter mates once fully grown . What other different breeds are in the pups makeup also has an influence on size and type,with some pups throwing different to the others in the litter .
  7. There is a few of us on here who used to go up to Caithness regular throughout the 90s to the same place and went out with the same man but they refuse to comment on any Red threads on here for the usual arguments that always start in these threads. I never even seen the Brandy dog run mate but the lads who told me about it all had there own dogs running the same stuff and they where not the type to lie or give credit to a dog that didn't deserve it. Those that have ran them know they can be taken and those that have not are usually the ones doubting it . Just the way it is .
  8. Hinds are taken a lot easier than Stags.It's all down to the individual beast (Stag) some take off and can't be stopped using every bit of the terrain to there advantage,some take off get tired and then stand there ground and seek sanctuary in shallow rivers,flooded peat diggings,streams etc and some are just big ignorant beast that hardly move and don't recognise the danger till it's too late. I've seen all types take them Colliex Bullx Deerhoundx Bedlingtonx Salukix. Up Caithness early 90s I seen them ran regular with a mates Deerhoundx and these where good dogs,however the best dog up there for them was a firstx Saluki/Greyhound,I'm sure it was called Brandy iirc,a big 28" dog.
  9. Thats not me lol, it was my younger brothers mate. Him and my brother had the Beddy out lamping and got the fox, proud as punch the pair of them only being 15 year olds .
  10. A pic of the 1/2 cross I had early 90s, he stood at 24” and could move . What id give to have him again .
  11. I had one early 90s and it was a monster,do numbers of fox no bother and took everything else. No matter how crap the night he was one of those dogs that would always get something. Whatever was at the end of the beam he was having it.One of those once in a lifetime dogs,I bred him a few times but he never threw anything like himself unfortunately . I would think the hard part now is finding a pure Bedlington from proper working stuff to breed from
  12. That Galahad is a dirty fighter,use of head forearms elbows and stepping on other fighters foot repeatedly so he can't move out the way,and it's only the second round !
  13. I've had 3/4 Deerhound/Greyhounds 3/4 Bedlington/Greyhounds 3/4 Bull/Greyhounds and not one of them grafted better than the 1/2 x stuff they where bred from. I've also owned/seen some decent 5/8x.There are good 3/4 cross kicking about but I've never had any luck with them. In a Foxing dog imho you seem to sacrifice a lot for the little bit extra speed you get with a 3/4 bred as well as being more injury prone .
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