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  1. Saville was up to his neck supplying kids and stuff like that to them all, it was no secret that Saville was a serious nonce for decades before he died, it was these very same people in power who looked after him and seen to it that he was never ever charged, just like the BBC dossier with all the nonces names in it going round in the hands of various MPs for decades and not one of them doing a thing about it,infact they hid it away and still have it.Saville was getting kids from Haut la Garene for MP paedo partys on Ted Heaths boat, Saville denied hed ever been there but a photo proved otherwise. Allegedy the Saxe-Coburg Castle in Belgium is the epicentre of paedophilia, that name should ring a bell .
  2. Royals/Elites/Senators/Congress/BBC/Politicians across the world all in the same gang with all the money and power to hide anything they need to and this has gone on for a long long time unfortunately. In recent memory dont get me started about Blair and his cover ups/secrecy orders !
  3. This ^ exactly , what ever it is , anybody falling in there is not getting out. It needs reporting to local authority.
  4. Hitler and his Generals attrocities recieve more press than anything but the man before War broke out was a financial genius. Despite the Versailles treaty,imposed hyperinflation,massive financial debt from the first World War and other financial penaltys against Germany, Hitler turned it round by kicking out the privately owned central bankers and gave the power back to the Government to print its own currency, ignoring/removing Germany from orthodox principles of economics and made Germany arguably one of if not the most powerful Country in Europe. Time magazine even naming Hitler there man of the year for his economic turn around of Germany.(Never told that in school) Just imagine if every other Country kicked out the Central Bankers ! It did not bode well for Germany/Russian Royal Family/Kennedy though did it . https://mises.org/library/hitlers-economics https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/pridecomethbeforeafall.wordpress.com/2014/02/10/hitlers-economic-miracle/amp/ https://historydaily.org/germany-hyperinflation
  5. What a coincidence isn't it,the only Central Banks they do not control,the rest of the World is at war/has sanctions against these Countries. If you control a Country's financial system you in turn control that Country .
  6. Spot on Wilf It's pure corruption at the highest levels of office. Just look at the the $700 billion bailout (2007/2008 iirc) of Goldman Sachs,a supposed American Bank that is is up to its neck in everything from manipulating global finance and also politics across the World . Now it is under investigation for robbing Malaysia of $4.5 billion between 2009-2014, and basically offered to repay $244 million as compensation,Malaysia has refused this offer and are looking to bring criminal charges against this Global Banking powerhouse,be interesting to see how it turns out . https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Goldman_Sachs_controversies https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3015806/1mdb-scandal-malaysias-criminal-case-against-goldman-sachs
  7. That's a good little outing that Billy
  8. Basically the Federal Reserve Bank loans money to the United States Federal Government with interest on top of it !!! When the Treasury was allowed to make its own money when Kennedy repealed it there was no interest on it and so the money they made was debt free.There not called Banksters for nothing unfortunately.
  9. No, America allows a private concern to print off its money instead of its own Treasury printing off its money which would then be both interest and debt free. The link I posted explains it better. hth
  10. Nail on head. The Federal Reserve is a private concern and nothing to do with the United States Treasury. President Wilson signed it over in 1913 and regretted it to his dying day when he realised what he had done.Basically money is printed off at cost then gave back to the Treasury for face value with interest on top or something like that. It is an absolute racket tbh.This act was unchallenged until 1963 when Kennedys last act before his murder was to issue Executive Order 11110 and took the making of money back from a private concern and placed it back into the hands of the Treasury which made the money both interest and debt free. Lindenburg Johnsons first act as the replacement President after Kennedy was killed was to repeal the Executive Order 11110 and give the power back to the Federal Reserve. Every President since has had the power to repeal it but not one of them have . http://usuryfree.blogspot.com/2012/01/john-f-kennedy-vs-federal-reserve.html
  11. No not from Cooklands stuff, he does not stay far from me though.
  12. 1st cross pups at 4 weeks old
  13. The majority of Nazi war criminals that went to America where exempt from prosecution as they went there under Operation Paperclip. Quite a few of them behind the orders that sent 1000s pows/forced labour to there deaths. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Paperclip
  14. The bias from Sky pundits is shocking, infact its the norm now.Taylor should rematch Persoon, no way did she win that fight, it wasn’t even close ,Taylor got battered.Both Taylor and Josh Kelly should have lost on that bill at MSG when Joshua got beat but being Hearns show Taylor got the win and Kelly a draw .
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