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  1. MickC

    isis bint

    Agreed her family and her knew full well the consequences of her actions before she left to go to Syria. No doubt the baby would have just fell out after servicing all them “Holy Warriors”, fa**y will be like an empty headlock !
  2. MickC

    isis bint

    It was mentioned on News earlier that she has apparently had the baby and her family have said that as she's British it's upto Britain to get her home safely
  3. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Some tidy Heavyweight fights already to start 2019 Parker v Chisora Whyte v Brezeale Fury v Wilder Josua v Miller and allegedly Usyk v Povetkin , that's showing intent and balls mind to take on Povetkin in his first Heavyweight fight if it is true. Hopefully if the fight fights come off we will see an undisputed champion in 2020 if not late 2019 if mandatorys can be put aside .
  4. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Just been looking through rankings etc and tbh I did not realise just how poor the Heavyweight Division is at this moment. Ok its the Heavyweight division and one punch can change everything we know that but outside Joshua Wilder Fury and maybe Whyte there is basically a lack of talent available. Ok Usyk is a class act but hes yet to fight at Heavyweight and Joyce is yet to step up. I think Pulev has the size and enough talent to mix it with the top three but cant say hed beat any of them. Wilder was exposed by Fury and was also being exposed by Ortiz before being stopped. Wilder is the typical Haymon advised fighter, well looked after, is allowed to do his own thing as well as being Americas only Heavyweight Champ which also gets him a bit more lee way than others.I think Wilder will rematch Fury as the moneys too good to walk away from plus he knows that Fury is not the type of fighter that will damage/seriously hurt him. Fury has been down but he does have very good recovery powers as evident in the last round against Wilder.Apparently Warren is making an announcement on Monday regarding the rematch .
  5. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Agreed he's not the best boxer in the division but he's arguably the biggest puncher in the division. You are right though it was down to Furys boxing,he was at fault for the knockdowns through clowning and giving his height away. I think that's what makes the rematch so interesting, Fury should improve in a lot of areas but not sure what Wilder is going to do different .
  6. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Fury was nowhere near the level what he was before his lay off and it was evident during the Wilder fight yet he stid had too much for Wilder,monster power aside he exposed how poor technically Wilder really is.Wilder took the Fury fight gambling on him not being ready and thought he would sneak the advantage. After two poor come back fights Fury went over to America to take on Wilder despite many on here saying it was a publicity stunt,fight would never happen etc etc. It was easy to see that Fury was not as sharp,not as fit,he was heavier,ring rusty and clearly not as mentally tuned in/focussed and there was no switch hitting,never fought southpaw,no real lateral movement and nor did he even try to utilise any power shots. Fury is not a one punch banger but he has stopped some decent fighters just with accumulative shots over the rounds. In the Fury v Wilder rematch we should see a better version of Fury and like Gnasher mentioned he is going to have to punch with more authority,as for Wilder what can he improve on ? He does have a bit athleticism,can do 12 rounds no problem and he carries that power right until the last bell. Joshua is making his US debut against Miller so it's good to see he's prepared to fight outside the UK,at end of the day who else is available for him ? Wilder and Fury are rematching so that's them two out the picture for now. All the fans want is to see the three of them face each other so it's still just a waiting game .
  7. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Born and bred in London to Jamaican parents and then moved to Canada when he was 12,he can't help where his mother wanted to move to . He does have dual English/Canadian nationality although he has always considered himself British. Unlike Mo Farah born in Mogadishu Somalia , Britains most successful track athlete in modern Olympic Games history .
  8. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Would you agree Gnash that the big Promoters have to much say in the game now ? It does seem strange on Whytes part mind to refuse a fight with Joshua with four titles on the line to go and fight Brezeale just to become WBC mandatory .
  9. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Whyte does deserve a title shot but also some of his decisions have stopped him getting a title shot.Refusing to fight Pulev for IBF mandatory slot and also refusing to fight Ortiz for the WBC mandatory slot did not help his case and he also had the Joshua fight but wanted more money. Whyte is also in the WBO no1 position at the moment but once Usyk confirms he is moving up to Heavyweight he will be installed immediately as the WBO mandatory,bit hard on Whyte tbf. At least the Whyte v Brezeale winner will be the WBC mandatory. As for Fury he got lucky and Wilder chose him as a voluntary thinking he was not ready after the long layoff and only two poor comeback fights under his belt.
  10. MickC

    Stock refurbished

    Nice gesture lads and a tidy job that
  11. MickC

    Bellman red brick

    Did a pieps search out of curiosity and this site came up also https://www.bergzeit.co.uk/avalanche-transceivers/ hth
  12. MickC

    Liam Neeson

    Anybody else seen the interview with John Barnes on Sky news about this Liam Neeson story ?
  13. MickC

    Waste oil forge

    Clever stuff that
  14. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Fingers crossed we get to see the three of them all face each other this year,it's been a good thread this one.
  15. MickC

    Fury v wilder

    Another twist now, reports on American boxing forums are saying that Joshua and Miller have agreed terms to fight at MSG on either June 1st or 8th. Not sure if Wembley April 13th show is cancelled now but not sure who else could fill it tbh . Also the Wilder v Fury rematch has been mentioned as taking place on May 18th.