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  1. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Khan admitted that being a millionaire at 19 and having the early success in his career with a few notable wins/belts made him feel like he was already up there,Virgil Hunter has grounded him now but is certainly to late in his career. Like I say id love to see him have one last hurrah and pull the win off over Crawford but it could well be like gnash says his last fight. Even if he did win id like to see him retire rather than fight on or even worse give Brook the fight he has been craving for,Brook should be looking to take title holders on instead of basically begging Khan for a career defining payday imo .
  2. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Khan even at the end of his career will still be the best fighter Crawford has faced, id like to see Khan pull it off but its a big ask .
  3. MickC

    Notre Dame fire.

    Fortunately Notre Dame was nearly empty when disaster struck and the Firemen and others formed a human chain to empty the other artifacts that were still inside . https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/world/europe/as-flames-engulfed-notre-dame-a-fire-bridge-chaplain-helped-save-the-treasures-inside/2019/04/16/9b7b8fd8-5fcc-11e9-bf24-db4b9fb62aa2_story.html
  4. MickC

    Notre Dame fire.

    Working with a few French offshore at the moment,they say they would not be surprised if the Government where behind Notre Dame being burned down. With all the chaos,yellow vests etc it is an excellent distraction technique to delay the impending European Parliament elections and hopefully unleash a wave of patriotism which could also help favour Macron over Le Pen (iirc) and the far right getting into power. Makes you wonder ?
  5. In the Scottish Sun it says a “bulldog cross” that was often muzzled after being allegedly involved in 4 other less serious attacks,one only a few weeks ago. Dog should have been pts straight after first attack it done and wtf was the young lads mam and the dogs owner thinking leaving him with a dog like that ? Brain dead idiots !
  6. MickC


    You will not get proof 100% of anything to do with either of the 2 wars,so many lies,hipocrites and BS being told by both sides and of course History is always written by the victor. Heres one example for you, Von Braun ordered the putting to death of 100s of thousands of slave labour personnel who worked in massive secret labs/sites on all the top secret projects across Europe,he went to America a free man under Operation Paperclip in which over 1500 other ardent Nazis also went,Von Braun then died a hero after getting America to the moon,yet the majority of the soldiers who worked in the labour camps where mostly executed and some of there guilt was doubtful to say the least ! This is the internet age and also things like the FOI act have released loads of papers some showing that the FBI the worlds most powerful crime fighting unit knew all along with other Countries etc that Hitler had fled alive to South America and they have also found the sub that allegedly took him there ! Why did they not go after him ? All the Allies knew about the so called concentration camps,why did they not bomb the railway lines to stop people being taken there ? I watched a documentary around xmas time in which a man had searched for years and pinpointed a tunnel in Austria with gpr proving its existence and he was refused permission to dig for it by the Austrian authorities as they said it could contain papers that would show each and every Countries dealings and there involvement in the war,and mentioned that there are still Intelligence Agencys searching today for papers and records that should not be seen by the general public owing to the nature of there content. like I said so many lies hipocrites and BS for anybody to fully know the truth unless you are among the "elites" who do control the world,Banksters being one of the most powerful people on Earth and Jewish .
  7. MickC

    Lomachenko v Crolla

    Spence v Crawford be a good match up,have to favour Spence, that's if politics don't get in the way and stop the fight from happening. Id like to see lomachenko in with that big mouth Teofimo Lopez but Arum is trying to get Campbell next for Lomachenko.
  8. MickC


    What about the repatriation of people with German descent that where expelled from East Central Europe during the later stages and after the war had finished ? The biggest forced migration in History ! I watched a documentary about it a while ago and the numbers were up in the millions that had perished. Between 1944-1948 alone around 31 million people were permanently or temporarily removed from Central and Eastern Europe. As already mentioned war is war and the winners decide what is told/written about it in history,there where wrongs/attrocities committed by both sides however only the Allies where still behind attrocities being commited after the war had ended and there is no denying it,all we can hope is that lessons where learned and things are never allowed to happen like that again . https://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_1625437?guccounter=1&guce_referrer_us=aHR0cHM6Ly93d3cuZ29vZ2xlLmNvLnVrLw&guce_referrer_cs=0_D0k4qT6g8Y8f1I94hNFA
  9. MickC

    Old lurcher photo

    I think them old traveller dwellings back then where called branchers iirc .
  10. MickC

    Mc Gregor accusastions??

    Mcgregor got paid over $100 million for the Mayweather fight alone,thats without what he has earned from other fights,deals,endorsements etc .
  11. MickC

    Exploding lamp

    What make and model ? Was it a lithium battery in it ?
  12. MickC

    Vigelante justice

    One of lifes losers full of drink and drugs,out causing misery for others, he got what he deserved .
  13. MickC

    Lamp exploded

    What make and model of lamp ? Was it a lithium battery ?
  14. MickC

    New nv set up

    Night vision store has a selection of T20. hth
  15. MickC

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Billy thats what I could not understand, Alis gameplan was obviously to take Price into the later rounds and then take advantage of Prices stamina issues. Pricey loses interest once his stamina goes, the tactics where coming to fruition and then he went and got himself disqualified. Like I say the next round or two would have been interesting, maybe that big shot he took made Ali look for the way out. Ali will regret it once he watches the fight back.