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  1. We use the chicken mesh on the bottom of pens then the black plastic stuff for the top. Try Collins nets that's where we get a lot of our stuff
  2. leo1

    Bulgaria Shooting.

    Agree with that , sunny beach the grub was bang on , the chicken kebabs on the street are the business lol
  3. leo1

    Release Pen

    If you mean size of release pen depends on how many birds you plan to put in it. The bigger the better though
  4. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Aye he's sound mate , he had just booked a table through Bobby or something like that , a just went for the night out lol couldn't really tell you
  5. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Lol ye know wylie a take it
  6. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Yes mate was a good night alright, you won't see much better in the uk than Amy male or female she is just something else how much power she can generate for her size is unbelievable! Who was you watching was it Rab Morrison?A was just there for the night out before my birds came and am stuck on rearing field lol a was there with wylie and a few others he had a table booked.
  7. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Yeah that's the place , was a good night we had to leave before final fight to catch last train back to Ayrshire
  8. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Haha a had nothing on me I usually would have lol. How were the fights . You know where I can see them ?From UMT4? Was a great show mate Amy pirnie was unbelievable winner her 1st world title n our man B totty won the 4 man tournament with two good performances! Junior fight team all charged into the ring when he was announced winner lol was a great night! The fights ain't up on bobbys FB yet but should be soon! [atthttps://www.instagram.com/p/BUDMoiohmK2/ achment=305844:IMG_2060.JPG] Was that last week at paisley ? A was at that it was a good night , Amy's fight was one of the better ones lol
  9. leo1


    He gona make a big dog?Hopefully not too big lol just picked up a 15 month old lakie from a mate there so should have plenty
  10. leo1


    Yeah he's nice , only ten weeks old. Will see how he goes
  11. leo1


    Newest member to the team
  12. leo1

    Beef Greaves - Moongold Etc

    Used it before ,didn't agree with dogs whatsoever , a thought it was a bargain too but looked like a shit spreader had been through the kennels
  13. leo1

    Dog Names....what's Yours​?

    Hector duke jess lexi ronnie and regi and a patt pup with no name yet lol
  14. leo1

    3/4 Greyhound1/4 Deerhound

    Who bred that if you don't mind me asking