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  1. You've ran him too hard . Try get some electrolytes into him and decent grub
  2. Yeah he runs about like a twat and it doesn't bother him in the slightest just for peace of mind once older really
  3. Has only came around last 4 weeks or so , feet were perfect until then , hes 21 weeks , a thought maybe teething but not sure . Could be right what sharks saying about running over uneven ground etc
  4. Yeah all the time to be honest . A exercise them in a field at my house or on my track
  5. no mate , deerhound greyhound
  6. Cant seem to upload photos from Samsung, anybody know how ?
  7. Try Sunderland tripe company . They do almost everything and not expensive
  8. Cheers that's what I thought anyway but thought I'd ask on here see if anyone was using them but seems not many people are .
  9. I've got a 22 amp lithium but it's a bit worse for wear had it 3 or 4 seasons and had a fair bit of abuse . Don't mind paying the little bit extra but just wondered what those other ones were like .
  10. Im after a new battery pack and wondering what the hunters choice 20 amp battery is like ? Is any of you lads using them ?
  11. Wow not been on here in a few days . Platts is still churning out plenty litters to like his pockets , you but your pup and take your chance but just not my cup of tea, I've got something in the pipeline from a mate if all goes well and is similar way bred to what a was looking for
  12. Just not for me , ones iv seen couldn't turn in a football park . Everybody has a preference
  13. Wouldn't entertain platts , I'm sure something will come up
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