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  1. leo1

    Raw meat suppliers, cumbria

    Try Sunderland tripe company . They do almost everything and not expensive
  2. leo1

    Lithium battery pack

    Cheers that's what I thought anyway but thought I'd ask on here see if anyone was using them but seems not many people are .
  3. leo1

    Lithium battery pack

    I've got a 22 amp lithium but it's a bit worse for wear had it 3 or 4 seasons and had a fair bit of abuse . Don't mind paying the little bit extra but just wondered what those other ones were like .
  4. Im after a new battery pack and wondering what the hunters choice 20 amp battery is like ? Is any of you lads using them ?
  5. leo1

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Wow not been on here in a few days . Platts is still churning out plenty litters to like his pockets , you but your pup and take your chance but just not my cup of tea, I've got something in the pipeline from a mate if all goes well and is similar way bred to what a was looking for
  6. leo1

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Just not for me , ones iv seen couldn't turn in a football park . Everybody has a preference
  7. leo1

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    Wouldn't entertain platts , I'm sure something will come up
  8. leo1

    Deerhound greyhound pup

    No worries cheers
  9. I'm just putting the feelers out to see what's about ,on the look out for a deerhound x pup . Preferably doxhope lines . does anyone have contact details for Trevor cook? Cheers
  10. We use the chicken mesh on the bottom of pens then the black plastic stuff for the top. Try Collins nets that's where we get a lot of our stuff
  11. leo1

    Bulgaria Shooting.

    Agree with that , sunny beach the grub was bang on , the chicken kebabs on the street are the business lol
  12. leo1

    Release Pen

    If you mean size of release pen depends on how many birds you plan to put in it. The bigger the better though
  13. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Aye he's sound mate , he had just booked a table through Bobby or something like that , a just went for the night out lol couldn't really tell you
  14. leo1

    Bag Packers

    Lol ye know wylie a take it