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    Does anybody believe that China has only had 3322 deaths ? Considering the Corona started there and they have had it longer than anybody else as well. There basic lack of hygeine and facilities in a lot of Provinces over there compared to harder his Countries like Italy USA UK Spain, I dont believe any of the numbers coming from them in regards to new cases/deaths they have had. jmo
  2. Branson is another one of Epsteins Billionaire croneys. Bernie Sanders explained it as Corporate Socialism where by money is taken from the poor to bailout Corporations of the “Elites”. It all goes back to the few Governing the many and looking after themselves whilst looking down there noses at the rest of us . jmo
  3. Branson is another one, sent his staff home for 8 weeks without pay and is expecting the Government to bail his companys out with money no doubt from the British Tax Payer but he is a tax exile himself !! GTF All these corporations at it want boycotting once this virus is all cleared up .
  4. MickC

    Corona vaccine

    Here is another interesting post regards Corona and it being compared to other diseases.
  5. MickC

    Corona vaccine

    Big Pharma is the new "big thing" what the elites are into,compulsory injections for all and they will coin even more money in. Create a World wide pandemic then cash in for generations off the panic it will bring .My kids had first needles when born and that's it, mines only ever had chicken pox once whilst other kids in street had that and measles a few times. Gadaffi let the cat out the bag years ago and was eventually killed by America using Al Qaeda . Talk about predicting the future !
  6. Here are the latest guidelines from BASC. hth
  7. Saunders should have got somebody in a good while back now to manage his social media platforms, I know he does’nt help himself but theres always people about just waiting to jump on things that can be taken out of context online. This video was just meant to be a joke and most people seen it for what it was. That Piers Morgan of all people slating him !
  8. MOBOs Black History Month and other “Black” events etc etc could you imagine the uproar if we had events celebrating “White” only events ? The same for joining the Fire Brigade they have to by law pick so many ethnics so instead of picking the best most suitable for the job they pick according to colour ! We cant even have a holiday for St Georges day for fear of it being classed as racist and upsetting them. Racism has always and only works one way despite “Whites” being one of the smallest minorities on Earth . jmo
  9. MickC

    Boxing Prospect

    A highly touted young travelling lad, been compared to a young Naz. Ive seen a few of his fights and he is impressive so far .
  10. Rightly so Socks That's proper real men, the film still sends shivers down my spine every time I watch it .
  11. This bitch of mine was about 2 and half and had been broke to sheep from a pup,never ever been remotely interested in them until that night. The Pacdog cured her of the sheep no doubt about it .
  12. A classic even better it being a true story. Brave men every one of them. " they've got a very good bass section mind but no top tenors that's for sure"
  13. I had a Bull/Grey bitch a few years back now and while out one night she misssed a fox and then decided to latch onto a sheep but let go again as my mate was close by and shouted her off it. This bitch had never touched a sheep before but the doubt was there in the back of my mind now. Despite walking her around sheep during the day and her taking no notice I wasn't convinced/confident. My mate told me to borrow his Pacdog and use this next time out with the instructions set it full blast and no warning tones. Next night out we lamped a few fields and then came to a field full of sheep, collar was put on and I wasn't sure if she would go for a sheep. Well ffs she set off straight for a small herd of sheep and singled one out and as instructed just as she went to strike I pressed the button and the bitch flew upside down and skidded along the ground on her back and then came flying back howling and stood behind me peeking at the sheep. She never went for another sheep again but she never ran through them again either preffering to run round them instead. So yes an electric collar does have its uses and it stopped this bitch getting pts .
  14. Cats are causing havoc in Australia,Cats like them or not they are a top predator.
  15. MickC

    Boxing geeks.

    First fight Fury had left his trainer Hughie and gone back to amateur coach Steve Egan and there had also been very little sparring for this fight also Fury came in at his lightest ever weight 17st 9lb. Hughie had been at Fury over poor discipline and diet. Fury never took Mcdermott serious despite it being only his 7th fight and it being Mcdermott’s 30th fight and was calling him Mcmuffin and despite being the best fighter he had faced up to that point Fury thought he just had to turn up for the win. Fury had not been past 4 rounds in a fight at this point.Fury even went on holiday before the first fight iirc and should have lost. Fury trained properly for the second fight and this time came in nearly 2 stone heavier and probably did what he should have in the first fight and stopped Mcdermott. Mcdermott was also unlucky not to get the nod twice before the first Fury fight, losing both times against British Champion Danny Williams dropping a majority decision in the first fight and then lost on a split decision in the rematch, both fights Mcdermott should have won imo .
  16. Full street out here also
  17. Im a Joiner Ray I build the Habitats for blasters/painters to work in out here. Money is basically down to bare minimum under the OCA agreement. All Drilling lads just put on 90 days notice this morning due to Corona crisis .
  18. No Shaaark mate not me .
  19. No Im not a traveller Ray mate, I did grow up around a lot of travellers though. Ive always followed boxing and when your Offshore off shift theres not a great deal to do. Now they have wifi in the cabins I tend to spend too much time online on all the different boxing forums as well as other ones just passing the time away tbh .
  20. Not sure anything is going to happen anytime soon with this Corona crisis so Fury v Joshua even further away. Fury has 2 more fights on his contract and I cant see him retiring with the money he would make by fighting on but Fury is unpreditable and may lose interest. The Farmer in question got in touch with Warren and demanded money or said he was going to UKAD with his story. Warren told him where to go so the Farmer instead of going to UKAD sold his story to a News Paper. The case in question was from back in February 2015 and is well documented on the UKAD site and others .
  21. Sparring is not fighting Shark you know that mate. I cant see Fury v Joshua happening anytime soon as they both have defences too make and anything can happen at Heavyweight. Hearn wants the Fury v Joshua fight asap which I can understand especially with Usyk waiting inline after Pulev for his shot at Joshua. I still stand by what I said from the start Fury beats Joshua if/when they meet. Fury has Wilder next allegedly then Whyte and he should win both them comfortably enough.Wilder has now been ranked at no 2 by the WBA which was a predictable move by the powers that be now they dont have an American champion, so we may yet still see a Wilder v Joshua fight . Hopefully once this Corona is gone the fights start happening . Ideally let Fury and Joshua deal with there mandatorys first and then fight each other in 2021 .
  22. I thought it was the ghost of Michael Hutchence there at first !
  23. MickC

    A super virus

    A Super Virus if released would only wipe out the people the “Elites” wanted it to wipe out. Surely AIDS is a form of Super Virus ?
  24. I agree with most of what you say Gnash but Wilder boxed well enough as an amateur to get Olympic selection in America and then went on to win a bronze medal. Solis Harrison Cammarelle Biggs Tillman reached the pinnacle as amateurs but failed as pros but Wilder did win a World title admittedly in a poor era mind. I agree the position Wilder finds himself in now is down to him and his ignorance since turning pro and its nobody else’s fault but his.Now the “bully” has been beat will he even be the same fighter again !
  25. Its unreal the money Foreman made from that grill deal, at times he was making $8 million dollars a month ! https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.celebritynetworth.com/articles/entertainment-articles/george-foreman-reveals-exactly-much-made-famous-grill/%3famp=1
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