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  1. Get in touch mate cheers Flacko
  2. Can you get in touch mate ASAP
  3. 25 mins from me like any where take your chance lot of arsey keepers but does get plagued from lads from Black Country & Telford I’ve sent you what’s app Jai
  4. Seen a couple they wasn’t shy I had a pure bitch who was mad for them
  5. Sorted well done mate you’ve turned that into a real cosy retreat you should be proud of yourself & all the family for pulling together
  6. Never used rags in bedding about inch of shavings in bottom then fresh dry straw for them to nest in do you lads shred the rags up or what
  7. On jigsaw recommendation just watched Hangman decent
  8. Flacko

    Home ratting

    Nice one gaza
  9. Greyman what make is that little fire
  10. Tidy looking that one of yours cantona
  11. Cor believe yo had lurchers in approve school
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