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  1. Blue Steel think them Aussie made last well comfy and not bad in water bout £75 good for giving the lazy brummies a kick t liven em up
  2. Flacko


    Update these pups are ready to go bitches only available pm me for details
  3. Yokel would that be Carl from Enfield way back in the day
  4. Worked in Leith docks years ago John brown construction stayed in a cracking boarding house pubs wer lively round there
  5. Can the provident bloke sort one
  6. Fek DC your patio gone a bit ruff a it
  7. Yes mate I got one of those little folding ones fox rage stuff hook it on yer bag or something no weight to them mate they sound
  8. Still got whippet x mate
  9. Flacko

    Kelly kettles

    They bang on mate if you like a fresh brew
  10. Mate of mine just had litter of pups drop me a pm if interested should be decent grafters sire cocker bitch terrier black & black &tan
  11. Flacko


    Sounds a good deal mate
  12. Enjoyed it mate we failed to grab a point off Man U so needed a result today the boy Cunha getting better every wik
  13. Mighty Wolves slapped them Flash c’s
  14. Arry send me your method of that cod & chips mate
  15. Seen one once had AFAB in his one ear
  16. Like that Bruce rescue dog mate I had one double of him 30 odd years ago
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