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  1. Flacko

    Kelpies as a stud,

    No mate you going to tell me now tho pms our
  2. Flacko

    Double hutch (free to collector)

    Cmon bb keep up atb Flacko
  3. Flacko

    Kelpies as a stud,

    Pleased for you jigsaw happy days to look forward too
  4. Flacko

    Looking for a busher bitch If any 1 can help

    Busher advertised on DD only £550ono
  5. Flacko

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Well done everyone, sorted Newkid atb Flacko
  6. You can all do you want but we still need to show there is still plenty of us willing to put ourselves out to carry on supporting what we believe in that’s why we need to stick together & support any attempt we can to let the powers above know we won’t just sit back & we are still here, wildman I can tell you & plenty others Barrie no anti he may come across to some he’s a bit of a country gent but he’s got a history of running around with a few wild men back in the day & his intentions are all good,atb Flacko
  7. Dbod how old is your bitch & would you travel over water to line her atb Flacko
  8. Good luck mate , why you need patterdale wouldn’t any terrier suit you for cover & bushing or you want to try & get something for earth work out the bitch atb Flacko
  9. Flacko

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    You got that right mate how long it take you & how much it owe you atb Flacko
  10. Flacko

    Fishing Competition 2019

    Well good luck to you all let us know how you all get on put me down for a donation when done & dusted atb Flacko
  11. Flacko

    View From Your Swim

    You amongst them yet mate good luck to ya
  12. Happy for you both great news atb Flacko
  13. Flacko

    Advice needed

    You can do a Black Country accent lol
  14. Flacko

    pattadale cross collie

    Good luck with chat mate
  15. Flacko

    Let's see your river catches 2019

    He’s on form mate
  16. Flacko

    Dodgy pop ups - auto forward sites

    Me too
  17. Flacko

    Dogs and chocolate

    Caramac heads or tails of this topic
  18. Flacko

    The winds....

    That’s not a sausage dog with you mate
  19. Flacko


    I spoke to Katchum about his lads he said they was pleased with the way she was shaping up.
  20. Flacko


    fireman tried to pm you
  21. Flacko


    Fireman if you can tell me or show me some plumbers like the ones I used to see about years ago I’d be chuffed, honestly the ones I’ve asked about are coming in at 15-16 the ones I remember used be 11-13 stocky types with strong heads & jaws not saying there is none but I’ve not had any look finding one atb Flacko
  22. Flacko

    Ferret kit wanted in Ireland...HELP!!

    Wideboy did you get any luck with ferrets atb Flacko
  23. Flacko

    The start of me new ferret hutch

    Not crabbing you mate I like a bit more room than that but you’ve set it out tidy atb Flacko
  24. Flacko


    Kept looking at these myself fora mooching terrier but they all seem to come in to big for my liking atb Flacko
  25. Flacko

    Looking for a busher bitch If any 1 can help

    Thought you said I could have them Foxpack 2