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  1. you know him pretty well don’t you Wales think I asked you about him in the past
  2. Nice one mate good to get kids out
  3. Flacko


    @Chid that’s better than some of work I’ve seen up there
  4. Anybody around Wrexham looking for work now or near future cheers Flacko
  5. £650 for bull x pups in classified
  6. Anyone traveling up from Midlands or North Wales
  7. I get good whole tripes mate from a slaughter house
  8. That’s cheap ferret man65 I paid £11.00 for 2 ox hearts this week
  9. Think they have both mate but to be fair see some retired ones look like they’ve been eating suck (sweets) all there life
  10. Where you getting yours from blackneck
  11. Any pics of parents mate before she whelped
  12. Mind & body need to be stimulated
  13. Some scrammels about hope you get them back
  14. Wanted long T-Bar stainless steel preferred cheers
  15. Good stuff mate I’m struggling to get some in West Midlands if anyone knows give us a heads up
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