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  1. Shame that mate and you got pups to bring on think most lads are struggling with the rabbit decline atb Flacko
  2. At that age does it matter a good old mongrel
  3. Looks like he’s been running thar day markings of green on back of cover feet carrying a bit of muck he’s light framed dog not everyone cup of tea but some dogs just run better not holding any weight
  4. Good do mate no vid ?
  5. There’s plenty half x about but it’s getting the right bull stuff not so much of that about nowadays
  6. Reckon that dog pup yours will beat them big dogs away from it mate
  7. Use it for big dogs as well as pups they enjoy a slurp
  8. Great stuff mate he’s doing her right & she’ll do him right he’s as keen as a lad could be hope they have many good seasons together atb Flacko
  9. pengelli are you still impressed with the boots it’s getting on for a year now atb Flacko
  10. Shaun read the info at top of page lurchers& running dogs
  11. Odser what size is that dog atb Flacko
  12. Pleased for you it’s great keeps you young atb Flacko
  13. I be in touch Bill atb Flacko
  14. He’s not been on since 2018 mate
  15. F##kin sick should be put down
  16. Flacko

    Wish I kept

    3.0 litre Capri ghia rover sdi Bedford TK
  17. everything in moderation except sex money & field sports & grey peas n bacon bits
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