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  1. There,s a man in ENG breed,s them and there all out of good working stock.He sold a litter few MTH,S back.
  2. No it,s a bedlington Coursing Hound but its threw to the small Bedlington side .But he said its full of fire make a great ferreting bitch.
  3. There,s a small bitch on FB only about 8 MTH,S old she will only be about 19 In when fully grown.Bespoke Bedlington Terrier,s bred them great worker,s he breed,s .
  4. There were 2 brought over as pup,s i no of Hancock and they were lighting fast .They would then throw the head up and jack let the hare run on .
  5. There still part of the UK so passport and injection,s all in order simple enough.The greyhound Transporter goes a few times a week and has no problem,s .They r a bit tougher on pup,s going cause of Puppy Peadler,s.
  6. They dont if going to the UK but r needed if going outside the UK into Europe.
  7. I had 2 Black bred the same bitta colly in em .They were great pair one got killed early and the other ended up in Gawlay Southern Ireland killed Hares every time she went out. I have a well bred Saluki here now just waiting on my Full Greyhound Bitch coming in Season.
  8. Jigsaw i have a full Saluki dog here am looking for a Greyhound bitch and a Grey x Whippet to cover .Hes very well bred of working Parents. The land i hunt is a bit small fields for him .I want to put him over a Track Greyhoung i had pups from this cross before and killed Hares for fun .
  9. The RSPCA in the North of Ireland has put forward its case now to have all hunting with Dogs to be Banned . They r using badger baiting as the excuse to ban everyone to even hunt a few rabbits the game is all f****d up .
  10. They r trying to get hunting banned in North of IRELAND put forward by the RSPCA today.
  11. If you go to Court in the North of Ireland the PSNI officer's word is taken as Gospel . So you have to prove your Innocence instead of him proving you're Guilty
  12. If a dog is naturally slow you can't put speed into him .I had plenty of coursing dogs too slow just didn't make the grade.
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