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    getting out with the terriers and lurchers doing a few rabbits and other things.

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  1. hounddog3

    Fox cubs an badgers

    Lads going out lamping early in the season killing 12 to 14 a night its gonna be hard to find em every night like that .The lads I know just beating cover flat out its to mild for fox to go to ground only ones there digging is when they put em to ground.
  2. hounddog3

    Deerhound / Greyhound

    nice bitch what lines r in her .
  3. hounddog3

    Working a bitch while in season

    I Had 2 I had to leave em of were useless when in season.
  4. hounddog3

    dave platts' saracen

    Jigsaw I have the fullbred bitch bred to the hilt and cant give her away no one is intrested in deerhound,s anymore.I have decided to part with her and shes has only seen a couple long ear,s but cant even give her away as everyone think,s shes been tried on other stuff but that,s not the case.
  5. hounddog3


    I have said before Jigsaw was a great help to me when looking info on a deerhound bitch and he doing the same here trying to help get the dogs a good working home and someone who understand,s the breed.
  6. hounddog3


    hi Jigsaw can u send me few pic,s of the dogs,sorry to here this its hard not getting the work into them.
  7. hounddog3

    Beddlington X Pup Wanted

    Mick Lynn has 2 but he,s in Ireland good strong pups .He has a dog pup out of a greyhound bitch x with a Bedlington Whippet .go to Facebook and put Mick Lynn Ireland should come up I,m his bro I asked him about selling a pup the other week I,ll give him r number tell em to ring u .Its a smooth coated pup and very well bred.
  8. hounddog3

    On The Rabbits With Johnrussel

    some night there lads u must have some rabbits on that permission.Eugene and Mick that's what ya call a nights lamping.
  9. hounddog3


    Sounds like you are the only 1 who's paying FD f***ing idiot when u can get it for FREE.lol
  10. hounddog3

    Nosey Pricks

    i didnt remember i helped you out lol..ive tried to sort lots of lads out if i could,thats what its all about... I didn't forget its good when people u don't know help u out keep r chin up and keep at it theres more good people at the game than bad just they let the rest of us down.
  11. hounddog3

    Nosey Pricks

    they need to be interduced to your guard dog hopefully u have no more trouble from them.i wish I lived closer I,d help u out as u put me on till the deerhound bitch I got one good turn deserves an other.i hope r still in the dogs in 20 years time good luck.
  12. hounddog3

    Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    they look the part and a working mans price Mick Lynn there good value.
  13. hounddog3


    can u put up some pics of the batterys plz.
  14. hounddog3

    Hunter's Choice Lamp & Battery Update

    what make r the batterys.
  15. hounddog3

    Beddy Dog Pup

    Eugene lynn u were looking decent pup not long back .