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  1. It was my mates dog and a real an if you want to no any more ring me on 07840031508
  2. Ive seen afew 3/4 kerry blue cross lurchers, an old guy called Jo from Cumbria had two litter brother and sister, The dog was called "TIP" Both were bred out of a half cross dog called "CASH" that was from Ireland, legend has it that this half cross was some dog at the job???? When I saw these two kerry crosses it was at Lowther show approx 5 years ago, the old bloke Jo who's a rosette hunter by trade, (and both his sons have alot to do with the show ring, one son was judging that day) said to me that the whole litter was doing well both here and in Ireland, so the mating had been repeated and some of the pups were due to come over to homes in England shortly after we spoke???? So there must be afew kicking about, the dogs I seen seriously looked the part, both were deep blue in colour, but wether they could bag owt sharper than a Rosette pin remains a mystery to me????? ATB Transit
  3. You've got nowt to worry bout Fazza lad, except DOTTYDOO's gonna come and get ya!!!! Thats what he told Jasper!!! LMAO Bet your shitting ursen? :D :D :D :tongue2: :tongue2: :tongue2:
  4. Price is negotiable, im not interested in the cash, I am interested in getting decent working homes for the pups, If your interested or want to know more then PM me pal, ATB Regards ALEX
  5. Pics of Sire and Dam, Chris Hicklings dog "MAC" and the chocolate bitch I bought off him approx 5 months ago, The Dam can be seen as shes still in my Kennel and working well.
  6. Hi all, Ive had alot of PM's asking for pictures of the two dog pups, Im sure you've all read the thread from the other night regarding these pups and there parentage, the thread is now locked but makes for an entetaining read if nothing else! The facts are still uncertain amongst some people on this site but without drawing everyone into another lengthy cyber rant, I just want to put some pictures up of the pups so those who wish to view them with an interest can do. Theres also a recent thread in the lurcher section started yesterday by Chris Hickling that shows pictures of the pups sire "MAC". so without further a do, these are the two dog pups left out of the litter of seven, Any questions feel free to PM me, Regards Alex
  7. Look Dotty you little mug, I'll tell you how this is gonna work. I dont need your tripe and all that comes with it, Im from Burnley Lancs as you'd find out if you came to see the pups, I dont use this site often and the reason why is coz its thwarted by idiots like YOU, Ultimately its not a problem coz it didnt take me two minutes to find out who you are and what your about once you started posting your S*~t on my thread. I'll put it bluntly I know who you are and exactly where your at, I'll be passing you regularly when I travel north this season so if you've got a problem with me or my dogs then PM me. And i will visit you on my next trip north and we can take it from there yeh??? Im no mug and if you want to spout off at someone you dont know then fair do's, If I were you i'd just try to digest what I've just put to you coz while you dont seem to live in reality, I'm being deadly serious. regards Alex
  8. Fair do's pal but not to my knowledge, I'm doing my best in in a far from ideal situation. but you know the score you cant please everyone, thats why i dont bother trying. I will be running a couple of pups on along with a mate of mine so time will tell? I'll put the work in,give em the graft and see what happens. then i'll keep you posted on any developments thats all i can do. Go for a night out on the lamp next season with Dotty doo if he's keen but theres dogmen and dogmen so i wont hold my breath. Regards Alex
  9. Now then Dotty you never seen a choclate greyhound before???? And are you still living accro ss from Catterick Garrison you little slink??? :bye: Im keen for a night out if you wanna graft your dogs??? but i doubt you will as you'll be too busy grafting your keyboard eh??? x x x x :icon_redface:
  10. Look mate im not out to fool anyone and i dont want aload of grief, so if there not for you then sound, i respect that now do me a favour. The parents are sound and the pups are in good order. Dont start turning my thread into a war zone mate thanks. Regards Alex
  11. The bitch is 19 months old, as ive said the bitch was bought purely to run on and work this season, Granted I never intended to have any pups thats why i bought the bitch as a going cause. All i can say is the bitch is still here with me, shes doing the business, working well day and night. I know things arent ideal but I'd no control over the situation and things dont always turn out as you'd like them to. I dont want aload of grief Im a decent dog lad who keeps himself to himself, I do graft my dogs and Im honest with it i've nothing to prove but my dogs have! All i can say is ofcourse the bitch can be seen and if any perspective buyer wants to see her work day or night they are welcome too0 if they fancy a walk out? The dam is the choclate bitch.
  12. Hi all, Ive got two strong 5/8 3/8 wheaton greyhound dog pups left out of a litter, I bought a 5/8 3/8 wheaton bitch of Chris Hickling who's well known for this kind of cross approximately 5 months ago to run on this season. After about a month the bitch which I still own and work started to show and had been accidently mated to Chris's big wheaton cross dog "MAC" which is a well known dog in its own right. The pups are now 11 weeks old and out of a litter of 7 there is still 2 strong dog pups left. The litter has had the best of starts in life all weaned onto puppy milk, then flesh and mixer fed,wormed and flead upto date. Allthough the Dam is not what i would call "TESTED" the bitch is still in my kennel and has shown great promise and Im looking forward to the rest of a hard season for with her. This litter as i have said was an accidental mating and completely out of my control, the working wheaton lines in which these pups are bred from really are excellent lines and anyone who knows the cross will be aware of their working potential and output. Chris Hickling is renowned for these excellent lines of working lurcher and the Sire to the pups is 100% the real deal. If anyone would like to know more regarding the 2 pups i have left then please PM me, obviously I'd like the pups to go to decent working homes. Regards Alex
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