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  1. Greyhound bedding , shredded wax strips , £10 a bail from Lawson Animal feeds Trimdon Durham , its the best I've used
  2. Yea I've got my name down on one , she was only lined 3 weeks ago so don't know if she's in pup yet
  3. The JR pup I had ordered / reserved fell through so I'm back looking for a bitch pup, so if anyone knows of any litters please PM cheers
  4. View Advert Hobart Mincer Wanted old Hobart type mincer (number 32) PM please Advertiser Trap1 Date 07/04/20 Price Category Miscellaneous  
  5. Out of curiosity what brand / make is it
  6. I'm looking for a mincer for rabbits ( bones as well ) they come in various sizes , 12 , 22, 32 , anyone any experience with these size mincers , I've a chance of a #12 , will it manage rabbits thanks in advance T
  7. My JR bitch is approaching retirement so I looked on all the sites to find a pup to bring on and could not believe the prices for JR Pups of which not many of them are actually JR,s .... I eventually ran a wanted advert on here , to which I received 2 qenuine replies . One reply has resulted in pup from excellent working parents at a working mans price
  8. Cheers socks appreciate your help T
  9. Would prefer small old fashioned type , will be used for bushing / ratting / mooching thanks T
  10. Looking for a Jack Russel bitch pup , anyone planning or has any litters please PM me , thanks T1
  11. we have used the wax bedding for years its the best there is , Joe you will get it from Lawson in Trimdon
  12. Cheers for reply mate , I've been looking for a striker with variable power as mines dead ,but can't find one , I'll try the enforcer halogen as I'm not keen on LED
  13. Is the enforcer LED or Halogen mate ..... cheered T
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