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  1. we have used the wax bedding for years its the best there is , Joe you will get it from Lawson in Trimdon
  2. Cheers for reply mate , I've been looking for a striker with variable power as mines dead ,but can't find one , I'll try the enforcer halogen as I'm not keen on LED
  3. Is the enforcer LED or Halogen mate ..... cheered T
  4. Yea Joe that's the one I'm looking for , mines worse for ware now
  5. Wanted 170 striker variable
  6. Brian Priest from Sunderland he's on facebook his work in second to none
  7. I've kept the same coursing line since the mid 80,s so Wheaton and bull are new to me, the Wheaton is a proper professional but a big skitsy in temperament , she's 19 months old so has time to mature , the bull x is too young to judge , things have gone full circle , early 80's saluki was added to good lurchers , now the lurcher/ Wheaton / bull etc is being crossed back . T1
  8. Back to the OP lads , good post this, since the ban some of the old coursing lurchers lines have out crossed with success , 10 years ago I bred a Merlin x Eve line bred bitch to a whippet ( champion Wor John ) they were very fast and had quite a bit of stamina but were brittle ( bad feet), some of them have been bred from to various crosses and the offspring are decent all rounders , I currently have the same line crossed with a Wheaton x greyhound and she's as game as they come but all be it a little small ( 22 inch ) but will tackle anything and is a decent bitch , I allso have the same line crossed with a Bull X , she won't see anything until next season but time will tell , she is from a repeat mating ( previous litter doing well ) so fingers crossed , "The Return " having known Joe some 30 odd years the hunting sites are far from his life , he is out with dogs week in week out , "Joe " open your mind and put a bit of Saluki into your dogs LOL . Yours in sport T1
  9. Could of been a good thread this, I'm bit of a bloodline guru, it would of been good to hear a bit more about this line of dogs , there breeding running etc, £500 stud fee for a reliable line isn't expensive , I recently paid that for a Springer , historically the top coursing stud dogs have been in excess of £500 and as much as £1000. If the sale of your excess pups covers the cost of stud and welping etc then what more can you ask. Yours in sport T1
  10. Chanel 431 Racing post greyhound TV its on every night
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