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  1. Trap1

    Greyhound racing online

    Chanel 431 Racing post greyhound TV its on every night
  2. Light force 170 striker with the variable control knob,lamp has done 2 seasons and has a few marks on it but works perfectly , comes with a Tracer lithium 12v 14AH batterie , the batterie has only been used a handful of times and comes in the origional box with all accessories. £150 posted or collect - Northeast
  3. Trap1

    Your First Coursing Dog.

    My first coursing type came off Jeff Brown ,he cost £70 in 1987, he just looked like a black greyhound, and killed more hares than any other dog I've owned , then followed by a pup out of a Gummy Hodgson bred bitch ( Hugie Weavers Black Jack x Lassie) to J Davies Ghost he was called Strider I bought him off MP who owned Lucky I ran him until he was 9 year old , then a bitch out of a Nipper bred bitch to a dog out of Blaze ( Merlin x Eve) I lost this bitch last year aged 14 she had a litter to a Whippet ( Wor Jon ) they are 8 years old now and retired, I now keep an all or nothing beddy x Greyhound mooching type for a bit of everything. Trap 1
  4. Trap1

    Your Definition Of A Lurcher

    Lurcher :- a modified greyhound , modified by crossing with another breed of dog, the other breed being what ever suits your needs be that stamina , intelligence , drive.
  5. Trap1

    Ozzy The Coursing Dog

    Another [BANNED TEXT] Unclipped
  6. Trap1

    Ozzy The Coursing Dog

    There you go Lee
  7. Trap1

    A Story To Share With You All..

    Add me to your list Billy , about 2002 / 2003 me you your son and young Tony W from Kent had a good day on the fens , I remember you telling me tales of you travelling and working the northeast coast through Blackhall , Horden etc , Young Tonys not so young now , he talks of you a lot on another forum I'm on , Yours in sport .....T
  8. Weihrauch HW90 Karbine, Theoben Gas Ram model, very accurate , comes with bag, pellets, HW moderator, and brand new Hawke Sport HD 3-9 X 40 sights, this is the model with the screw to adjust the power, ( currently 12lb/ft) . Viewing and testing welcome, £260 East Durham
  9. Trap1

    Bellman & Flint

    Now solid
  10. Pieps box , rechargeable collar, charger , and carry case , has olnly ever been a backup so is in immaculate hardly used condition £250 posted , East Durham 07850 123885
  11. Trap1

    Jabs For Pups

    If you live here a GBGB greyhound stadium, the on course vet will be reasonably priced , the vet at our local track charges £20