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  1. Reading this thread makes me want to get a few ferrets again lol
  2. Sorry I meant the width of the bands. My catapult takes 19mm bands and I’ve got 23mm tapered to 20mm bands. I can’t put my hands on the catapult now but I will try to get a picture for tomorrow.
  3. When shooting ott, do you have the excess of the bands inside the fork or on the outside? ive got mine on the inside but wondering if I should use a bit of elastic to wrap around it to keep it all neat?
  4. I took the first grant at the beginning cos I wasn’t working, but I’m back to work now so don’t think I should claim lol I think the way it works is you gotta pay back 20% tax and national insurance of your grant. If anyone knows more on this that would be great cos I do my own taxes lol
  5. I don’t know what the old ones are like, but I’m sure I read that the ones wasp are selling now are a newer version because the old ones they were selling, people were getting problems? the ones I have have got a plastic coating on them. On my instruction manual it says not to over tighten them, might be the cause of your broken hands?
  6. I have the wasp uniphox, it’s a nice little catapult, fits in my jacket pocket with a handful of ammo. my only dislike is that the handle seems too small for my hand and can be a bit of a sod to hold properly. I am new to catapults tho so I could be gripping it wrong lol
  7. Looks good to handle mate, I’ve just checked the tracking on my order and it isn’t due until January? gonna have to go out and look for some tree forks
  8. Thanks mate yeah she loves the chase, I reckon I’d struggle to get her to drop it tho lol. She doesn’t like the sound of the elastic making the snap noise and would lunge towards the catapult barking. I’ve started giving her a treat after firing the catapult. Seems to be working a bit she will sit while I do it and not bark or lunge towards it but you can see she’s a uneasy with the noise tho. I reckon I’ll keep doing that and she should get used to it
  9. I got a set for my catapult the other day, they grip the band well and I haven’t had any problems with them. I reckon the band will snap before it slips. I’m using green gzk bands
  10. Thanks for the reply mate, it’s hard to tell by the photos on the enjoy listing, is it quite a big catapult? I have the wasp uniphoxxx at the moment, it’s nice but it’s too small for my hand and I find it awkward to hold lol.
  11. Any tips on conditioning the dog to the sound of the catapult?? My staffy goes mad and tries to eat the catapult every time I use it lol
  12. I’ve got 2000 9.5mm bearings coming
  13. I don’t know if they are any good but I seen these on eBay for £5 each so picked up 2. Just gotta wait for them to come from China lol Not fussed about the lasers and sights etc but the handle looks pretty comfy. Anyone tried these?
  14. Thanks I will order from balls of steel
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