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  1. After 6 million were murdered you want to make them live in wales...heartless b*****d
  2. Thoughts with you and your family and any of the families effected by the atrocities carried out...truly awful.
  3. The problem isn't with the working class...Starbucks and the rest of them are dodging tax. Along with a good chunk of famous people on a fortune. Meanwhile people who are working but getting child tax credits get stung because they didn't tell them their other half was living with them...who by the way is on minimum wage. We're getting angry at the wrong people. It's not each other we want to wage war on. It's them f***ing greedy b*****ds. Open your eyes lads. P.s as for food banks. It breaks my heart. In this day and age, we have people going to food banks, and we're sending aid
  4. Keep it to yourself tho tats about going on the fiddle...don't put it on a public forum or owt.
  5. There's always the risk that the "ineffective" element of torture is, that the man you torture, will tell you it was his own mother who blew up the twin towers, just to make you stop torturing him. There was a case of police brutality in the 70s (I can't remember the name.of the guy now) but he had learning difficulties. The police beat him and interviewed him about it for days. He confessed, convicted and imprisoned for about 30 years. Turned out he never did it and dna evidence brought to light showed he was innocent and released.
  6. Couple of lads round this way got let off in court recently for leathering one of these c**ts with bats when he got out and they found him. There's only one sentence that fits the crime. We all know what that sentence is.
  7. Just do what I do, fill your time up. Pool, snooker, darts, gym, few pints, bookies. Before you know it you're back home again.
  8. Yeah bird there's no exact science. a unit an hour is a rule of thumb but it's pretty accurate. 2.2 units in a pint of fosters (I think) So if you start drinking.at 7pm and sank 5 pints, average joe would be ok to drive at 8am the next morning (always add an hour) I actually bought myself a breathalyser for 50 quid and keep it in my glove box for the next day. Any doubt, give it a blast, if I fail, taxi to work. I'd sooner spend 20 quid on a taxi after a heavy night than to have to spend it every day for what feels like an eternity. But there is always exceptions to the rule. I
  9. I made an absolute clanger of a mistake. I was totally.in the wrong, did my punishment, paid my fine and moved on. Unfortunately the law is what it is, even. 1 over and you get a mandatory 12 month ban. Unfortunately mate yeah a little while later and I'd have been fine. Apparently they've proved that eating food is detrimental to sobering you up. It takes longer for the alcohol to be processed if you have a belly full of scran. Rule of thumb is a unit per hour.
  10. I got caught the next morning, a crime most people (if they're truly honest) have committed. And I agree, there's a difference between having a party and going to the shops the next day at sunday lunch time for a few bits for your Sunday dinner, than stumbling out of the pub and into your car. The limit is anything over 38 is a prosecution and I was 42. 0.4 over, but No leniency. However I agree with the new law. If the law is zero tolerance there is no grey area, there is no "I might be alright" if you've had a drink the night before, you will not be alright. Simple, it removes doubt.
  11. There's a discount for members and I can't remember membership prices but it was about 7 quid. Shoot all day. They have there own targets there in a little shed/lockup, couple of knock downs and stuff but you'd be better taking some of your own I think. Put as many as you want out then out at different distances.
  12. Not been to the hartlepool one but I went to bob dunkleys range in.Trimdon a couple of times. Decent enough. It's outside but it has an Ok little BT of cover too so it'll handle light rain.
  13. Bloody foreign dogs,coming over here, taking all our quarry. Ukip will sort em out. Smashing dog that socks. Be good on big land.
  14. Billy joes work rate over eubanks inexperience. Goes the distance, Saunders on points.
  15. Just got myself some altberg field and fell. Best for cold weather on recommendation from the guy at the factory. Had my feet measured and boots made at no extra cost.
  16. Just finished a book called churchills secret warriors. Few of the gents on here would definitely enjoy it. It costs about 6 quid for your Kindle.
  17. Fire with fire...a guerilla force will only stand a chance of being defeated, by another guerilla force and guerilla tactics. None of this rules of engagement Bollocks. Fighting with one arm tied behind your back against an enemy that has no code of conduct or rules of engagement
  18. It just seems the old two horse race of politics is no more...as one of the horses leading one of the parties is a wooden head rocking horse who I wouldn't let run a bath never mind a country.
  19. I hope none of you Scottish lads had a coupon on tonight
  20. Yeah it'd definitely be a good match up. See if kovalev has overcame his nemesis. Only then can you call yourself a champion in my opinion. Thats the link to the Beterbiev v cloud fight if anyone wants to watch it.
  21. A lad called bertebiev (I think that's his name) beat kovalev in the ams. Be interested to see a pro fight made there. Tip of the hat to Hopkins for going the 12 with him tho, man's an animal.
  22. I'm not going to say the M word on here and start a shit storm, but Christianity is still a faith. A faith that deserves the same respect as any other, regardless of if we agree or not. If the baker didn't want to write something that would make them feel uncomfortable, they are well within their rights as far as I'm concerned.
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