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  1. Fair play and good luck to you cracking on like that. pole did a bit of bending like i bet thats a strong metal. that or it had out riggers. ill bet she can bench more than all us on this site flinging that weight about like that.. I banged a lass like that before. Climbed on top of her my f***ing ears popped.
  2. I know one green thing that will ease pain. Can grow it yourself too if you're not too obvious. Used to treat all sorts of ailments for hundreds of years.
  3. stunning bird, and some good photos there mate. in regards to the terrier situation, a shock collar seems unnecesary. just use a dog suitable for the job at hand. its like trying to use a springer to course. sure it will get one or two, but whats the point..? use the breed for what it has been bred for.
  4. careful lads....you'll feel the wrath
  5. it will depict ass holes because genuine dog men would react similarly to how the genuine dog men and regulars on this site have acted....negatively. He's gonna end up with a bunch of no hoper doleys with their bull x coursing sheep swigging cans. just like you can depict anything in a bad light, there's bad in all walks, and hes gonna find the worst and film them showing them what 'lurcher' lads are like during the apparent epidemic. on another note lads, Im making a documentary about drug dealers. If any one is a drug dealer could you get in touch a I.definitelywontgrassyou.up@CID.com
  6. Stealing the foxes food right from out of its mouth...callous and disgusting behaviour
  7. i would love to move there...in theory. However my missis worked at the hospital for years as a radiographer and a lot of the nurses there had done their training in ireland and then moved over here for work as there just wasnt the jobs over there for them. Plus the living costs etc. they didnt speak very highly of living there in general. A lot of students coming through were irish too, none of them northern, So i was told a swift 'No' when i suggested it. I hope it picks up and goes back to how some lads on this thread have said it used to be because its a beautiful country, and i ho
  8. green tripe is far different to processed washed/bleached tripe but its still only about as nutritional as rabbit Oh right, so sort of higher protein low fat. Would it be used as a filler/packer for a meal to pad it out a bit then?
  9. http://www.petforums.co.uk/dog-health-nutrition/111437-raw-feeding-everything-you-need-know.html that seems like a decent article to me. Only thing i dont understand is feeding the dog tripe. i cant think of any nutritional value that it has, at all. can anyone shed some light on it, i understand liver/kidney etc.as they'll have plenty of iron, load of vitamins, minerals, even calcium.
  10. go and take a walk .when you said lady did you mean that pathetic woman." Pathetic woman " !! That LADY was brutally assaulted and her life threatened , throughout her ordeal she remained cool and composed , lets face it killing foxes is barbaric , and I for one am grateful for this ladys efforts .her efforts didnt pay off .nowt but scum
  11. I got as far as badger boys then binned it off. Sweet Jesus. They're all mental. We should make one. We are the the terrier men, Putting our dogs into the fox den, What the dogs don't do, the shotguns will, Even when you're stood close by, we'll still get the kill, etc. then send her it as a video response to that farce. I can see it being a best seller:
  12. gonna get myself one of these beasts. these or a vitara im undecided yet. we were out in my mates vitara the other day, very surprised at what it could get up and do off road...quality little cars.
  13. really like golovkin but im not lining franks pocket paying for box nation the greedy c**t. already pay 100 quid a month for the tv im not adding to it. got a bet on buckland. 2/1 thought it was worth a tenner.
  14. the internet and its darkest corners has desensitized me to things, so it didnt bother me to watch. but they were killing for the sake of killing. wrong. in my book you either kill to fill your freezer, or your wallet. if neither your freezer or your wallet are benefitting, you probably shouldn't do it (as a rough guide) edited to add: i f***ing hate cats
  15. imagine that they didnt get a hiding, and received 75 quid fines each...aye justice served there, well done. Not! Good man, well done. We're turning into a country of fannies (the powers that be i mean) whinging, and suing people. Im glad to see some old school retribution like this, Id like to think Id do the same. That or get a big f**k off dog.
  16. I do as well, Id love to keep them myself in the future, not now as i am not knowledgable enough to own them, but hopefully in future. A bloke at my work keeps them, goes out after hares with them and that. sounds amazing. although i must say its strange that its still allowable to hunt with BOP and not lurchers...? a kes taking a hare ? never heard that before . no not a kestrel mate, he has falcons.
  17. I do as well, Id love to keep them myself in the future, not now as i am not knowledgable enough to own them, but hopefully in future. A bloke at my work keeps them, goes out after hares with them and that. sounds amazing. although i must say its strange that its still allowable to hunt with BOP and not lurchers...?
  18. No mate i dont. seen it on facebook, on his profile picture of all things. soon as i seen it i though kez, but someone else asked him and he said missle thrush. i know its not a thrush, but not 100% its a kestrel. lads like this able to buy rifles off gumtree give every one a bad name. even if they arent protected they're beautiful birds and shouldnt be shot in my opinion.
  19. Im not very clued up on birds of prey, but i was just wondering if this little prick has shot one...hes adamant that it is a 'missle thrush' Just looking at the size of it i know its not a mistle thrush. So i thought id ask the knowledgable lads of this forum, is this a kestrel? Out of order if hes shot one. Can you shoot them? are they not protected..?
  20. yeah they do. Aye thats a smart looking dog, bit thinner than the darker brindle, has it got whippet in it? aye ratting is always good fun mate. i havent been with 'serious ratters' with smokers and stuff, but done some on a mates permission on a chicken farm under the coops and round the manure pile on one of the fields. what the terriers dont do, you get to do with a shovel great fun.
  21. smart little pack you have there mate, and some lovely land too. That terriers legs look like they belong to another dog though haha! I look forward to the day i can go on 'my land' during the daylight hours
  22. That's why in my opinion he was so great. Not because he won everything, but because he fought until the bitter end. Heart of a lion, let me see that than someone like may weather knowing he's won and cruising through it not really putting effort in. The great era of boxing is finished.
  23. It's a shame for the league baw. Granted lads who live further north got drawn in and it took a year or so to stop laughing at the hun b*****ds going down. But from an almost "outside" perspective. The league needs the old firm. Sooner they get up the better in my humble English c**t opinion. "Looooowww lliiieeeee the Fields of Athenryyyyy where once we watched the small free birds flyyyyyy" Bring back the old firm, even if it does mean putting up with the smell at the games
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