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  1. frazdog


    nah jonah nothing to do with a crusade, dont like bullys of any sort, simple
  2. frazdog


    Thats what it is johnny, nail on the head there mate, didnt want to say it theyd call me mad or something.
  3. frazdog


    Im just letting you know, you let keyboard bullies off, it was them halfwits that started the last two, which I didnt want, cause there cowards, get a grip mods youve been silenced by bullies, so much for the huntinglife being family friendly, look at the muslim threads, im not backing them up but look what was wrote, mushy, carpet bomb the lot of them....... etc etc etc an nothing locjed,,, your crossing a fine line her mods,,,,, letting bullies away with threats to kill,,, cause what ooh your friends,,,hypocrites of the highest order
  4. frazdog


    come on moxy your jumping the gun its not against forum rules you cant just lock it for nothing.
  5. frazdog


    why did you lock the atheism topic for, so your standing by the bullies, what about free speech, your like a commy mod lol do you not want frre speech, so you let the bullies get away with their antics for months on God thread, now your standing by them, its their big gobs that ruined it not religon,, excuses, excuses, excuses
  6. frazdog


    Saying God has got ridiculed an mocked for a good part of these threads, let us see if the decent atheist folk, would care to tell us, whats it all about, are you all keyboard bullies like snake an booshay, I dont think so, so lets hear it?
  7. By your own admission, you havent a clue, so that makes you clueless, so why are you being such a hateful p...k towards, well me, but beleivers in general, youve admitted already that you dont even know your own argument, I didnt mind having a debate, I may of come of as a dick, but hey thats my opinion, an everyone has one, an the thl wiseman should understand this, instead they cant take it, an start getting personel, which is a SHAME........ You keep this topic, your religon suits it booshay, an as for you snake, your a coward, ive met your type before, an when it comes to the crunch, y
  8. Hey ho ive proved my point, no rebuttal or comeback, from snake or boohshay, just as I thought, two smart arses with nothing only bully tactics, hi we should round your sort up an shoot ye's, hi it wont take long, an 5 bullets max, will be wasted. hehe
  9. @ rake an bob, how stupid an arrogant you are ,making yourselves look sad an pathetic, you were the ones starting the topics, doh your that sad you think its funny, hey ive no bother keeping qiet until someone spouting hatred, honestly tell the truth, you havent a clue about origins but your ready to shout down a creator, two ignorameous. Once again you dont explain your side, if beleivers are wrong, whats the answer, rake or bob, your two cowards, let me hear your viewpoint, but nah you havent a clue. @ tomo, look at the options, then you wont be so blown away.
  10. Rake your a shite stir, plain an simple, you want to shoot religous people now, thats how doh you are, you dont realize threw your own, arrogance, that athesm is a religon without a God, oh aye your the god of yourself.
  11. You want to ban free speech now rake an bob, here how about you go back to the trees you climbed down from, youve no chance of that happening, plus its the best craic on here, until the extreme haters land on an get things barred, here even better how about starting an atheist thread, see how you get on, atb
  12. cracker mate, what ways it bread.
  13. Couldnt be right mate, he said there all free thinkers, with the brain God give them.lol born will not be happy with that haha
  14. frazdog


    Yeah walshie close it bunch of narrowminded bigots, with nothing else to do than bring folk down, sad little men
  15. frazdog


    All mouth, with nothing to back it up, EXPLAIN how it controls me, Now we got the master patterdale man on here fd havent you got a pat to inseminate.
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