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  1. i havent culled exactly, but could you not be killing the best,or is it a chance
  2. mc,alinden v bowdell was a good scrap.lol...anybody a link
  3. whats the point in spending £100 billion on trident.if they are afraid to use it the money along with a few changes in the law would lay on the transport for mass deportation.
  4. any clip of the wee lad doing big joe joyce.........i was never bet in me life.. i cant get it on here
  5. thought it was 12yrs till you owned it,didnt you just fence it off and capture it.
  6. They make a an anomous phone call to plod,about trouble,sawn off ect before the go.place is crawling with cops.
  7. Have you ever watched A Clockwork Orange? The main character is subjected to behavior modification technique or aversion therapy where he cannot fight back and is completely defenseless when he is released from prison. Is there a parallel today? 22+ kids slaughtered and all people can do is cry at vigils, virtue signal on facebook or.....NOT A TURBIN OR BURKA IN SIGHT .WHATS THAT TELL YA.
  8. wee hairy bitch..touch of irish terrier yrs back.
  9. LOLyou not think charlies done his whack,hes turned respectable now.
  10. people talk like this,but wouldnt send the prisoner who done em a packet of smokes up.how many signed the petition to release charlie bronson,hes done plenty of nonces.
  11. Over here when the army was flying helicopters over farms,they were putting horses down and getting a vet certificate saying the chopper scared it n it run into a wall ect ect,same for cows putting in inflated prices .the vets were in on the scam two of them got jail.there was millions claimed.lol
  12. Longford he was riding oul myra,he was a cnut thon oul barstewart
  13. yes,as said why isnt the truth booted clean outta them cnuts.
  14. Lmfao what kind of shite do they report in Ireland sunday world on f/b...can you stick a link up..................
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