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    I'm into ferreting shooting lampung with the dogs fishing river & sea most of all the wife and kids

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  1. mhopton

    Stud dog

    He’s 20.7 TTS coming up to six years old never let me down
  2. mhopton

    Stud dog

    Blade is here if interested
  3. mhopton

    Another good night

    I’ll txt you it later
  4. I’m a steel erector so away more or less every week so I totally understand how you feel mate but my boss is a shooter and totally understands and isn’t pushy regarding weekend work or been a couple hours late the next day he even lets me get away early if I’m going out as long as I bring him a few rabbits back atvb mark
  5. mhopton

    Bits and bobs

    Jimmy I’ll buy them of you mate you’ll be coming down in the next couple of weeks hopefully could you bring them down with you or you need them gone atvb mark
  6. mhopton

    Another good night

    Nice shooting mate we’ll have to sort another night out soon now I’ve got the 100 up and running again
  7. mhopton

    Where do i start

    Top draw that jimmy sounds like you had a really good weekend get some ice packs on your shoulder mate expecting you down mine soon mate
  8. mhopton


    They will be in the open field mate probably using them to breed , j stopped ferreting in the last week of January simply down to the amount of baby rabbits nothing worse than waiting around for the ferret to come away from the nest if you manage to get a couple of good lads who like digging then fair play mate and good look but there’s plenty more options long netting then there’s traps a couple of drop box’s are deadly when in the right place ,must say never been a fan of gassing atvb mark and good look
  9. I’ve been sent this from a good friend who’s not the type to mess around!! Don’t know if true or where abouts in the country but we should be on our guard
  10. mhopton

    A nice walk in company

    Pleasure was mine mate glad you enjoyed it plenty rabbits about most are still looking at settling down in new warrens for winter away from the breeders but they will have to wait for a little bit for the next time, we had plenty of runs some really really good running and txt Book takes of the seat (energy saving rabbits ) mate your welcome back anytime atvb Mark
  11. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Totally agree
  12. mhopton


    No worries mate Jimmy dont forget your boots this time see you soon atvb mark
  13. mhopton


    If no body wants it jimmy bring it down here tomorrow I’ll have it back mate
  14. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Me and John early this year 87 clean roughly 120. Total blade on the right John loves his trips down and the fella knows he’s welcome back anytime
  15. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    I usually work alone unless I’ve invited someone else so he’s never on the lead but never wanders more than 10 yards unless he gets the sent of a hare then he does a little excited dance bounce round in circles around me like his saying please dad can I go get it lol