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  1. mhopton

    How good is a hw100

  2. mhopton

    How good is a hw100

    It’s this oring
  3. mhopton

    My heads in bits

    As above keep the 100 jimmy if it ain’t broke don’t try and fix it you’ll only end up disappointed when are you coming for a cuppa coffee like
  4. Yeah sorry about the vid shows you how but I thought it was funny yoo
  5. If you take it out and match it mate probably you will have it
  6. Had a few things from him too bloke he’s on eBay but has his own website
  7. Shouldn’t need any thread lock on it tbo
  8. Try to loosen it first if no joy then try with heat gun hair dryer takes to long and heat won’t mark it mate and it’s simple enough if you’re careful
  9. Vice with jaw protection on stopping it getting marked and grip it at the other end mate so.many folk try to put it as close as possible not knowing there gripping it even tighter on the thread it’s also possible that you might need a bit heat on it too also a wide flat screwdriver for the brass holder what holds the spring and nipple ( I could be wrong but I’m sure it’s a opposite thread) good luck with it and don’t loose the little round brass ring that the o”ring is sitting on atvb mark
  10. mhopton

    Stud dog

    He’s 20.7 TTS coming up to six years old never let me down
  11. mhopton

    Stud dog

    Blade is here if interested
  12. mhopton

    Another good night

    I’ll txt you it later
  13. I’m a steel erector so away more or less every week so I totally understand how you feel mate but my boss is a shooter and totally understands and isn’t pushy regarding weekend work or been a couple hours late the next day he even lets me get away early if I’m going out as long as I bring him a few rabbits back atvb mark
  14. mhopton

    Bits and bobs

    Jimmy I’ll buy them of you mate you’ll be coming down in the next couple of weeks hopefully could you bring them down with you or you need them gone atvb mark