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  1. I’ve been sent this from a good friend who’s not the type to mess around!! Don’t know if true or where abouts in the country but we should be on our guard
  2. mhopton

    A nice walk in company

    Pleasure was mine mate glad you enjoyed it plenty rabbits about most are still looking at settling down in new warrens for winter away from the breeders but they will have to wait for a little bit for the next time, we had plenty of runs some really really good running and txt Book takes of the seat (energy saving rabbits ) mate your welcome back anytime atvb Mark
  3. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Totally agree
  4. mhopton


    No worries mate Jimmy dont forget your boots this time see you soon atvb mark
  5. mhopton


    If no body wants it jimmy bring it down here tomorrow I’ll have it back mate
  6. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Me and John early this year 87 clean roughly 120. Total blade on the right John loves his trips down and the fella knows he’s welcome back anytime
  7. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    I usually work alone unless I’ve invited someone else so he’s never on the lead but never wanders more than 10 yards unless he gets the sent of a hare then he does a little excited dance bounce round in circles around me like his saying please dad can I go get it lol
  8. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Totally agree mate?but he Takes more than his fare share of longes 8+ rabbits one night never put him to red tails not worth the risk some photos don’t show his true size many a folk have said how big he looks on the pictures but 20.7” just a we man
  9. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Cheers mate little blade just has the knack of taking them off the seat tight to walls,hedges really is a pleasure to watch and even more so to work with, he’s only down side is his coat took the whippet gene to that but runs faultless with his wax jacket lol
  10. mhopton

    Big numbers in one night

    Start of season two years took 47 in 65 mins in two very big fields on of which had a single fence post 10yards from the hedge and mr big ears took him past and dog hit it winded the little man but on returning end of this season with same dog and no fence post and two weeks after a night with John Russel taken over 115 my little boy took 72 1:30 mins saluki x greyhound - collie x whippet under 21 TTS
  11. mhopton

    Invited out again

    Sure is Mate looking forward to it
  12. mhopton

    Invited out again

    Vizlauk I’d be disappointed if you never came mate , jimmy with the ground been rock hard I think the dogs will be out through the day with us mate up gods country then out with the red beams over on God’s holiday home sound good
  13. mhopton

    Thinned out

    I usually only shoot during summer months sell up the ferreting gear to fund a gun then sell the gun to replace the ferret gear it’s worked well for me over last 5-6 years this year managed to keep everything to do with ferrets now I’m sure I’ll be selling one of my two guns very soon but which one is going I’ve got the hw100 1.77 kt and love this little girl BUT I’ve also got the daystate huntsman mk2 1.77 single shot , out of the two shocked you may be the huntsman is just in a class of its own truthfully a better gun all round before you start saying I don’t know what I’m on about think again I’m sure my good friend jimmy when he’s down at the weekend for a bit rabbit bashing will report back jimmy looking forward to it mate atvb mark
  14. mhopton

    Working at height

    They are fitted with stop valves so regardless of what pipe you burst your staying up there till it is fixed lol and the basket can and has fallen when the sheer bolts snap the little cluster of ten you always look at when on your way up lol
  15. mhopton

    Local plinking ranges

    unfortunately we have one range in Bishop Auckland but the selfish bastads wont allow air weapons on so I go here there And everywhere on Permishon of course well wear and Teesdale is God’s country and 45 % of them both must mean I’m one lucky mother fu##er just wish my mate jimmy would hurry back down for a day or two (offer offer hint hint )