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  1. mhopton

    Anyone know this dog.

    Joking aside mate respect for what you’ve done 𝓣𝓸𝓹 man
  2. mhopton

    Anyone know this dog.

    Toby carvery that is
  3. mhopton

    Working at height

    Good old photo but it doesn’t show that they over a scaffold crash deck
  4. mhopton

    Working at height

    I’ve been steel erecting now for 25 years now and your problem is it’s not the fear of the heights it’s your concentration, when you’re doing your work mate it’s eye on the job but when you’re sitting about waiting and you find yourself looking about at things all still ok , but when your looking down to the floor at your boss and there’s something just in front of say the gutter with say a flower in , that’s what sends you dizzy as you’re eyes work against each other sends you dizzy as bat atb mark
  5. mhopton

    Viz,s s410f walnut stock

    Good stuff jimmy Sean thought you had fallen out off love with the pcps or did the pro sport turn the tide ive replied to the pm jimmy short story
  6. mhopton


  7. mhopton


    Jimmy is that the one of me mate ? Sure to damn I’ve got one of them springs here have you a photo of the safety catch that’s missing it’s quite possible I’ve got that two somewhere (you’ve seen my garage) atvb mark
  8. mhopton


    I just love my old school nikko sterling gold crown
  9. mhopton

    Dog picking runs

    Haaaa get real fella
  10. mhopton

    Dog picking runs

    That’s the point everyone has a different style of hunting and every dog is unique it’s own ways running the land it was brought up on, so for someone to say cull it it’s a pot licker (just a figure of speech not pointing the finger at anyone) because it picks its runs is wrong W.catchum hit the nail on the head it’s the plonker holding the lamp and most probably picking out the wrong rabbit to go for
  11. mhopton

    Dog picking runs

    That’s pure bollocks that’s contradicting that a dog is not giving 100% and bulldozing through hedges like everyone seems to want
  12. mhopton

    Dog picking runs

    And why is that ? Is your dog always on a lead or is your dog off the lead when you’re out? Are you by on your own or how many dogs are with you . All the above are key factors that determine wether a dog should pick its runs or not, if in company mine is on a lead taking turns on the slip , but when I’m out with just blade he’s never on a lead and probably takes more rabbits on his own as when I’m picking runs for him to accommodate the company that I’m with and tbo I cringe at missed opportunity to bag big numbers
  13. mhopton

    S200 power increase ?

    I’ve always found it’s easier to go over a little bit and and adjusting it down seems to settle better but all depends on the quality of the hammer spring
  14. mhopton


    I’ve said it before but I’m going too say it again because it’s true jimmy you’re the best mate
  15. mhopton


    I’m in no rush mate but if that’s a invite up yours for a shoot I’ll be ready when you say