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  1. Excellent I don’t think I’ll ever part with my rapid, but I must use it more. Old hat maybe, but iconic without a doubt.
  2. You had a good day then SD. I’ve been taking advantage of a drier day by getting my roof tiled. Not as enjoyable as your foray though not quite. A decent pattern with the five ball load I wonder how a single ball would perform? Unfortunately we will never know. Good shooting
  3. Hopefully the worst of it is gone Phil. It must be worrying if you’re house is in danger of flooding. Luckily for me, I’m on fairy high ground, but some of the villages near me have been in trouble.
  4. Well I’d have to disagree with that. I have a wildcat evo, not something you’d use on a rimfire, but it makes a small centrefire quieter than a magnum rimfire fitted with a sak or similar. Sak are good enough for rimfire and great value, but they don’t compare to a decent centrefire moderator for performance.
  5. Some .25 slugs on fleabay called iHunter. Anybody tried these?
  6. I use an LEI .17 moderator, it’s small but effective. Here it is next to a Weihrauch air gun moderator for comparison.
  7. Certainly a great photo that, well worthy of a picture cover
  8. With that performance I’m wanting a .204 even more, those little bullets are screaming. I’ve read that it’s popular in America that shooters are having their .22/250’s rebarrelled in .204 due to the performance and increased barrel life.
  9. Good result Ian, and a good write up. Reading that, I felt that I was there with you fella
  10. It gets to a point where it makes more sense to move to powder burners as you say Phil.
  11. Is this with the slug liner or do they work accurately with a standard liner?
  12. Good shooting SD, as you say, a lovely morning for a change. I was very tempted to go out for a spot of squirrelling this morning, but I had to deep clean my poultry shed in readiness for new arrivals tomorrow.
  13. Timneys are a decent upgrade for the cz 452s’ etc as they offer adjustment for weight and travel. An easy swap on a cz but I don’t know how much improvement they offer for tikka. However, as SD says regarding the cz‘s, a good and light creep free trigger can be achieved with a lighter spring and roller from the kits available at a fraction of the price. Maybe the Timney offers a better overall trigger, but if it’s worth the investment is probably debatable? Also, some inletting will be necessary with some rifles.
  14. Seven is a good bag. Good shooting billy
  15. It can, I only have to pump once and within seconds I’ve got the living room to myself
  16. Yep, definitely wrong section. This is the anti gaystate section
  17. Apart from having to pump it sorry, I think I’m just lazzzzzzzzy
  18. It will be interesting to see how these perform. The lighter ones might work at 12 ft lbs but they do probably need more speed to stabilise than a conventional similar weight pellet like a bisley magnum. Are these the ones vm?
  19. Ive had the same thing with mice, sometimes the bullet can make a bit of a mess of them if I can’t get a clean head shot
  20. I don’t know how much the scope, mounts and moderator would add. I call in at livens quite often, a bit of an unusual set up maybe? The front section being a locksmiths and key cutting service, then into the airgun section, then through to scopes and accessories and rifles and shotguns at the back. Well, not quite at the back, because that’s ammunition. I’ve always found them helpful with a good variety of stock.
  21. Yes, a bit steep that, I was just looking at the pictures really, to see what they look like with the grs stock fitted.
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