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  1. if it,s working it will shoot pigeons no problem . I had a little experience with a gas strut brake barrel not this gun , the gas strut started to leak so the gun lost power . Saying that when the gun lost power it would have still had the power to knock off some pigeons from a roof if the gun holds zero . If it shoots at full power you may have a problem with where the pellet goes after you shoot the pigeon . if you don't shoot spring air guns to shoot it accurately you hold the gun very loosely against your shoulder and let the gun move how it wants to after you pull the trigger there are l
  2. carbon steel , is a lot more expensive than mild steel . shooting from a catapult it will make no difference carbon steel or mild steel . good quality carbon steel balls will be made for a bearing race ect and made to resist wear mild steel will wear out very quick used in that environment .
  3. just had a look at mine . mine has the empty grub screw looking hole . but mine doesn't have the larger alen bolt . mine is a mark one verminator and it doesn't have the power adjuster under the barrel it just shots at 12 ft lbs only . Years back there was a lot of strip down information , I cannot find any thing now .
  4. may be that bolt is a little bit to long , you may be able to put a little washer under the head of that bolt or take a little bit of the end of the bolt .
  5. There is no new problems with sling shots , air guns , crossbows ect , all the problems with these things are media driven . Problems will happen with these things , they always have some people will be criminals and use something in a criminal way . The only new problems are what campaigners and the media create to push their agender and wishes .
  6. I don't think they are a good gun here in the UK , in America they must be fine a cheap powerful PCP but here in the UK not so cheap for a poorly made gun . the main problem I feel these guns have is because of their design the problem is keeping the guns power below 12 ft lbs . I messed about with one for quite some time and I found with the gun I had ,I had to set the power to 10.5 ft lbs with an average pellet because at some points of the power curve as the bottle emptied with a very heavy pellet the power would go well over 12 ft lbs .So to take advantage of 12 ft lbs I had to use a heav
  7. Home « LOGUN S-16 WWW.LOGUNS16.CO.UK Helping owners maintain, service, disassemble and modify their Logun S-16 compressed air rifle – S-16s, S-16Evo and S-16Xs. Tips, forum, guides, O ring... don,t know if it's good or not but all information has to help .
  8. I filed a little out of my catch to make mine close smoothly oil and grease helped but the real problem was the leaver and the catch clashed a bit to much .
  9. if you are shooting average weight 22 s of very heavy 177 s it sounds about right . if you feel you have a problem you will need a chrono . if the gun is shooting accurately out to 45 it is sounds ok .
  10. you wont believe went out for a cycle after reading this and found a road side leather sofa . cut some leather out quick may go back tomorrow if its still and get more . in the dark I was not sure if it was leather but looking at home in better light it is .
  11. if you have never made bands before , I would go for tubes first . You may be fine making flat bands first but you will get failures untill you get it right . You will get failures with tubes but less they are more forgiving ,
  12. some weight written out and about for bisley mags are wrong they state a too higher value . also a tighter pellet in the barrel will give different reading its not just weight .
  13. I made some much better bands for my barnett using rolyan green tube and a 80mm x 20mm homemade pouch .
  14. making your own is the only way to go . Rolyan orange or green bands with a constrictor not to tie on the pouch is a start or a roller cutter and a cutting mat you will also need to make some kind of jig to tie the bands to gether if you want to try flat bands . tubes are easyer to mess with just need tube and some sort of cord dont tie them to tight .
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