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  1. Fantastic as usual SD, top marks fella
  2. So I’ll be spending all that dosh on a crown and then I’ve got to tune it? .................bleddy ‘ell I need a cuppa️
  3. I always keep an open mind but it would take a lot to knock .22 rimfire off it’s perch for me.
  4. And I mean it. It’s just, do I put a variation in or wait for renewal ? Either way it will happen....
  5. I quite like the HW30S deluxe, but I’ve read that they need to be on special order from hull cartridge.
  6. Just testing to see if I can post pictures V-Mach 99 if it uploads....
  7. Good shooting, what calibre is the crown? Is it fac?
  8. Yerr, I fancy a crown, but I won’t be buying one until I’ve got a free slot for fac air.
  9. The 17 grain ballistic tip bullets are more frangible than the 20 grain hp’s. For example, if a 17 grain bt bullet strikes a bone in a small animal such a squirrel for example, the bullet will break up and turn the inside into mush. The 20 grain .17 hp’s will punch through without having the same effect. The 20 grain hp’s have greater penetration, the 17 grain, more explosive on impact. They can make a real mess of rabbits if you intend to eat them, you’ll need to head shoot them.
  10. Ive had more squib .17’s than .22’s and i’ve shot so many multiples of .22 over the years compared to .17’s. And to say that .17 ammo is much more expensive, where’s the excuse for that? However, more recently I haven’t had a bad round of .17. Maybe, and hopefully, it’s improved, at last?
  11. I was also going to pick up some sk hv hp’s but they’ve just sold out of those too. My fault, shouldn’t have left it but I had some others to use up first. Never mind, sure I’ll pick some up before too long.
  12. I was going to pick some up from livens, but they’ve just sold out
  13. Yep, I’m going to try the lighter weight slugs at 12ft lb. I’ve used h&n rabbit magnums, both standard and copper washed (too tight in the bore) and they were both terry bull. The eley wasp magnums were reasonably accurate, but at 30 grains 15 yards was about the limit of useful range. These 22 grain h&n slugs are similar in weight to bisley magnums, and the bisley‘s are usable at 12 ft lb. it just depends if the slugs will stabilise at lower velocities?
  14. I don’t have FAC .25 but I am interested in slugs. Does that count?
  15. I had a Diana 52 in .22 many years ago, late 1980’s I think. Proper powerhouse spring rifle they were. They had a very weak mainspring fitted to keep the power down, such a large volume compression chamber on those guns.
  16. I don’t want to steel your thunder SD, but I’ve got the deluxe NV goggles. Can’t wait until dark
  17. When you weigh them all in you’ll make a fortune Mark
  18. The 20 grain gamepoint are most accurate in my cz, but not as frangible as the v max types. CCI tnt and Hornady v max are almost as accurate though, and I can get the Hornady’s for £12:50/50 box. However, I somehow managed to miss the last two squirrels that I took a shot at with the hmr.
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