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  1. Rimfireboy!

    pic of my hw100 ,in 20 caliber

    I like the .20, had a Sheridan blue streak years ago, still got a Sheridan gas pistol .20 and my theoben in .20. I’ve shot loads of vermin with my .20 theoben over the years.
  2. Rimfireboy!

    100yd plink

  3. Decided to take the hushpower out and have a couple of short sessions. Been to visit some broadleaf woods that I haven’t been to since last autumn. I was limited for time but there were a lot of squirrels in the top canopy of the beech trees. They were difficult to spot though, and the red dot helped to get a bead on them. I saw a good few running along the high branches and disappearing amongst the leaves. I managed to shoot three in the short time I was there. Couldn’t find one of them in the undergrowth though. I’ll be back again soon for another bash at them. Plenty of pigeons about as well.
  4. Rimfireboy!

    Squirrel feed

    Peanuts or sweetcorn, but need to make some new feeders for this year.
  5. Rimfireboy!

    A good start on new ground.

    Good shooting Jarvis, well done fella
  6. Rimfireboy!

    I love cheap airguns.

    What model is it Nathan?
  7. Rimfireboy!

    What do you wear?

  8. Rimfireboy!

    Bunnies last night

    Good shooting, I must dig my rapid out. It’s been gathering dust and it deserves better.
  9. Rimfireboy!

    I love cheap airguns.

    Extra noodle
  10. Rimfireboy!

    I love cheap airguns.

    I remember a Chinese underlever that used to be called the “lion”. That looks like an updated version of the same rifle to me. One of my pals had one.
  11. Rimfireboy!

    Question about silenced pump-action.

    Tasco Pro-Point
  12. Rimfireboy!

    Not a bad morning on the blacks

    Well done David
  13. Rimfireboy!

    Mr Kevin Breen

    I called in Lincoln Airweapons a few years back when I was up there. As soon as I walked in, the little chaps says ‘what are you looking for?” He didn’t seem very happy for me to have a look around. Didn’t come across as being very friendly. I bought some .20 cal pellets and left. He seemed to cheer up when he saw my money
  14. Rimfireboy!

    Mr Kevin Breen

    Very good shop
  15. Rimfireboy!

    Blank saver last night

    Good shooting Benn, it’s a while since I’ve seen a squirrel, let alone shot one