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  1. Rimfireboy!


    Nah, probably not. I shot loads early last year on one 19 acre patch. Not one this time, and only seen the odd one or two since. I’ve got a big broad leaf wood with plenty about, but you could call them sporting to say the least. I keep intending to get up there and at ‘em, but I’ve been busy with other commitments unfortunately. I’ll hopefully be at them in the next few weeks though.
  2. Rimfireboy!

    Valueing classic air rifles

    Yeah, ask Mark Williams, he likes to deal with old scrap air rifles. Tell him I sent ya’ he might do you a good deal...............
  3. Rimfireboy!

    Long time

    Good shooting
  4. Rimfireboy!


    Aye, good stuff. Sure you’ll make it 100 before April vm
  5. Rimfireboy!

    Target shooting today.

  6. Nice offer, good price Deker. If I were closer I’d have a brick.
  7. Rimfireboy!

    Two for two.....

    Good “stuff” (pardon) as usual Nathan
  8. Rimfireboy!

    Could`nt resist.

    Good shooting Mark, in this weather you’re doing well to hit anything you’re aiming at with an airgun
  9. Rimfireboy!

    Applying for FAC, what calibre?

    just get ‘em shot Nathan well done fella
  10. Rimfireboy!

    BSA R10SE FAC bolt problem

    It is a criminal offence to possess the rifle over 12ft lbs without it being on ticket. Therefore you should ask the rfd to simply remove the bolt or some other part so that it’s no longer a working gun. You can then leave with it legally and get it sorted out later. It’s your property and your problem, not theirs. They have no legal power to confiscate property. They’re dealers not law enforcers. I’d suggest that anyone thinking of taking an air gun to an rfd to check its power, should research the facts of the law first, print it off in readiness should they find themselves in this position. As you say, they have to hand it back, they can’t just keep it as it isn’t theirs to keep and to effectively seize it from you wouldn’t be legal because they aren’t the law. Mole said that the rfd told him he couldn’t have his gun back, that shouldn’t have happened and was unlawful.
  11. Rimfireboy!


    For maximum accuracy, fire a one shot group at 38 yards, then draw a horizontal and vertical line dissecting the hole. This gives best results. Good shooting Mark
  12. Rimfireboy!

    Wildcat Rifles

    I phoned wildcat rifles yesterday afternoon regarding having my evolution back bush machined to 20mm I/D. They took my name and address and said that if I send the back bush to them, they would do the job for me, no problem. Well, I was surprised when the post arrived this morning. A new back bush, free of charge, machined to 20mm as I’d requested. What great customer service. I can only recommend them highly. I’ve been very pleased with the moderator itself as well, well designed and finished in my opinion. Also very good performance. Just thought they deserved a mention. Excellent .
  13. Rimfireboy!

    WAY too windy!

    Good shooting Matt
  14. Rimfireboy!

    Cartridge belts ?

    I’ve got a couple of old leather ones and a neoprene camo one, I don’t know why, but I haven’t used any of them for ages. I have a small cartridge bag and tend to use that if anything. They do spread the weight better than a bag though, but I reckon I’ll have more cartridges in the bag anyway, it can tug on my shoulder a bit after a while.
  15. Rimfireboy!

    BSA R10SE FAC bolt problem

    Not true, BASC legal team will tell you that. They can and should advise you to get it sorted, but they can’t withhold your property. They are not the law. You can sue them for doing so.