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  1. Rimfireboy!

    A few hours this morning

    I’ve even been getting back into piston power Mark. Got the hw99 v-Mach and Theoben sirocco our lately. Forgot what I was missing
  2. Rimfireboy!

    WJ again.

    WJ just hate shooting, simple as that imo. Surely Defra realise this. Just like their challenge to the crow GL with regard to the definition of the word “kept” as in kept birds such as pheasants. Seems to me that they’re trying their best to dream up things to campaign against, I don’t know how much credence these challenges will continue to carry, but hopefully they’ll be seen for what they truly are? Mark Avery seems sure that grouse shooting will get stopped. Time will tell.
  3. Rimfireboy!

    Couple days a few weeks back.

    Good shooting mr teapot
  4. Rimfireboy!

    Pigeons still on the barley.

    Good shooting fellas
  5. Rimfireboy!

    ASI Sniper (El Gamo)

    War games with air guns, I remember them well
  6. Glad you’ve got it fixed andy
  7. Rimfireboy!

    A few hours this morning

    Maybe only three, but threes good, and you had an enjoyable morning I’m sure. That hw really does look a proper tool with that green stock bn, lovin’ it fella. Mines got a nice poncy bit of walnut that looks nice but I’m frightened of scratching it. Keep thinking I should have got synthetic
  8. Rimfireboy!

    Took the lad out

    Good write up and good shooting fellas
  9. Rimfireboy!

    First time out with the maxus

    Then you’d need a finger extension. But don’t tell the Mrs
  10. Rimfireboy!

    First time out with the maxus

    Good scaring and shooting David. Nice looking maxus as well
  11. Rimfireboy!

    .22lr ammo testing

    I didn’t think it would be the sk’s.
  12. Rimfireboy!

    people putting in for fac

    Turned out better than you might have expected then vm. My region new certificates are open for section one shotguns and fac air. Live firing rifles however, closed for the first five years. I’ve been told that Derbyshire don’t like .30 cal airguns....they may all follow the home office guidelines, but that’s all they are, guidelines.
  13. Rimfireboy!


    I thought the uragan was a mobile rocket launcher