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  1. Stuff that, I never work Fridays. just sell a Bentley ?
  2. I’ve looked into this, apparently short barrelled hmr’s are the main culprits for this. I use an lei dedicated hmr mod on mine so no problems in that respect. The wave should be ok for air rifles though as they seem ok for .22rf.
  3. Yes, good kit billy. I see you’ve got a dovetail converter on the rapid, Ive been thinking about getting one myself, but the threads are buggered on the front ring mounting hole in the block. Needs drilling out and re-tapping and I’ve got enough projects atm. As it is, it’s been holding with araldite for about ten years now, so I don’t think it’s going anywhere. Enjoy your new pard fella?
  4. If you’re limited to 12ft lb that’s it. Nothing wrong with that, and spend as much as you like. When you’re not, it’s easy to think, “well, for that money I could buy ‘x’y’z that can shoot 1000 yards etc”. Everybody’s different and it’d be a boring world otherwise ?. I love the crown, preferably synthetic, and I’m fairly certain that I’m going to buy one, it’ll be fac mind?. I’ve got plenty of sub twelve guns myself, and if I added them all up including scopes, custom stocks, accessories etc, ahh, don’t even want to think about it?.
  5. You aren’t paying for the power output for sure, and as you say, a catapult can easily produce more energy. However, they have their place in the shooting world. As to whether they’re good value for money is up to the individual. I personally wouldn’t pay over a grand for a 12ft lb air rifle, but that’s just me.
  6. But you go to remember Ian, not everybody is as technically minded as you?
  7. When we only had .22’s we used to head shoot them. A pal of mine shot one at about 120 yards. It sat and yawned, the bullet went in it’s mouth, and out the back of its head. Stone dead.
  8. All I can say is, that I’ve used one on rimfire for quite a few years now, had a few thousand rounds through with no problems. Maybe the new one’s aren’t so good? I have noticed that the ones on sale now have a smaller diameter section at the rear where they screw onto the barrel. Mine doesn’t have that, so maybe a different design? Edit to say, I can’t see them being any more flimsy inside than the HW? Even if they aren’t as good as they used to be? Obviously I don’t know this for a fact though, just think it’s unlikely. Looking at the HW, I think a rimfire would have its guts out
  9. Laminate doesn’t do it for me anyway, I’ll save my black pepper for the dinner table. Love the crown synthetic though, and if they were both the same price, I’d still have the synthetic stock over laminate, just my opinion ?.
  10. Well I don’t know if anybody is interested, but I’ve just tried three different mods on the hw100, Atec Wave, LEI .17 and the HW. I couldn’t really tell any discernible difference, but as the wave is around 2 inches shorter than the HW, I think I’ll stick with that. Anyway, I decided to open up the HW mod and have a look inside. I was surprised at the cheapness of materials used as a baffle system on a mod that they charge fifty odd quid for (the wave is just over £30). A few bits of plastic tube, paper thin washers and some felt?. It works, but no wonder it says only for air guns on the moder
  11. Good result SD. The 35 grain accutip are ok, good in fact, but their rimfire .22’s aren’t the best for sure?
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