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  1. Rimfireboy!

    pigeons today

    Not surprised you lost some in that thick undergrowth les. Good shooting.
  2. Rimfireboy!


    Stop reminding me of my bsf Tim. You’re making me cry.......................again.
  3. Rimfireboy!

    another squizzer for the r10

    Good shooting ste
  4. Rimfireboy!


    Good shooting,well done fella
  5. Rimfireboy!

    Saturday nite 3 in a bed

    Good shooting David.
  6. Rimfireboy!


  7. B55 for me too. Or one of these beauties.....
  8. Rimfireboy!

    Pure airgun hunting with the old classic HW 77.

    Good shooting Mark With that piece of old junk
  9. Rimfireboy!

    another squizzer for the r10

    Good shooting ste
  10. Rimfireboy!

    Biggggg balls!

    Great stuff Nathan, It’s just so refreshingly different from the norm
  11. Rimfireboy!


    Forget that, get a rimfire
  12. Rimfireboy!

    Shooting rats

    Seems like you can get ready for another good session. Don’t forget to tuck your trouser bottoms in your socks,lol....... I remember shooting hundreds on a friends farm many years ago. He’d moved some poultry sheds and they were everywhere. Great sport that I’ll never forget.
  13. Rimfireboy!

    artemis p15.177

  14. Rimfireboy!

    Well that`s what i call, " controlled".

    Good shooting Mark