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  1. Rimfireboy!

    Well hello again

    Wondered where you’d been fella
  2. Rimfireboy!

    Couple of hours

    The penetration of .25 superdomes astounded me at sub 12ft lbs. like you say Mark, trajectory is the rub, they certainly hit hard though.
  3. Rimfireboy!

    A few more

    Thanks for that
  4. Rimfireboy!


    Good result les
  5. Rimfireboy!

    Went to a paddock this morning

    Too right I do. When I take it out and put something in the bag I’ll put a picture up
  6. Rimfireboy!

    Went to a paddock this morning

    Aarh, ya’ keep shuvin’ that bloody hw under my nose. Rub it in why don’t ya ‘, while ya’ know mines wrapped away in cotton wool. Got my hw60 .22 hornet out this morning, then decided that I didn’t have time to shoot, so I put it back in the cabinet. Went down the track only to see a vixen sat looking at me. Bloody typical . Good shooting by by the way bn
  7. Rimfireboy!

    HW97K 177 Vortek PG2 SHO

    Well done robo, what ft lbs do the 97’s run at in NZ? Am I right in thinking that spring guns aren’t limited but all pre charged are on ticket?
  8. Rimfireboy!

    A few more

    Yes, it’s a good choice. I’m torn between them but which is better? Only one way to find out.............fight.
  9. Rimfireboy!


    Well done les, good shooting fella
  10. Rimfireboy!

    A few more

    I bought one in .177, excellent tool it is too. Only trouble with mine, if you call it trouble, it’s got a lovely walnut stock that I’m bothered about marking. It looks nice, but I’m loving the green synthetic like yours. A friend has one like yours and it gets used all weathers, no worries about knocking it.
  11. Rimfireboy!

    A few more

    Good shooting bn, what calibre is your hw fella?
  12. Rimfireboy!

    Big old dog

    Looks like he’s been in a scrape before Ian. Could’ve been hit by a car at some time and taken to the rescue centre. Nursed and released maybe?
  13. Rimfireboy!

    Quick walk round farm

    Good job luke,well done fella.
  14. Rimfireboy!

    This one thought he was smart

    Well done David, good shooting
  15. Rimfireboy!

    Now that dolly has gone....

    If they do turn out to be the size of mice you’ll need a mouse gun of your own to dispatch them, as they’ll be of little use to you Nathan