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  1. mixedbag


    got a nest in corner of porch how do you get rid of them
  2. mixedbag


    looking for a teckle Pup if any body knows of any for sale cheers
  3. mixedbag

    grand national

    as anybody been were going tomorrow were in the steeple chase enclosure just wondering what to expect cheers
  4. mixedbag

    Ebt lurchers

    This woz mine gone now though r.i.p
  5. mixedbag

    Yanny or Laurel?

    Definitely laurel
  6. mixedbag


    Bad day today But tomorrow is another day
  7. mixedbag

    Half crosses

    The woz some alaunt x on face book mum and dad look handy and pups look nice to cheers
  8. mixedbag

    Boxing At The Weekend...

    Ksi v joe Weller starting now on YouTube both are you tubers lol
  9. mixedbag

    Metal Detecting

    Went out for an hour with me lad and found these apparently it's a ww2 ammunition dumping ground
  10. mixedbag

    Show Us Your Pups

    Razor x saluki bull greyhound
  11. mixedbag

    Show Us Your Pups

    9 months old
  12. mixedbag

    Ferret Kits

    Got these little stinkers should keep me busy
  13. mixedbag

    New Squad

    Role on winter see what these can do
  14. mixedbag

    Hot Tub Building.

    Have you sold this yet how much you think in roughly ant got a clue what it's worth lol
  15. mixedbag

    Ferret Kits

    Just wondering if any one got any ferrets for sale close to Mansfield as possible cheers