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  1. I work her with me tekal and me mates other bassets / harriers
  2. The brilliant arent the can cover some ground as well for a little dog
  3. Nice pup pal looks a lot like mine shes 7 months old now
  4. Bitch still available do to being let down yesterday
  5. She is mate surprised she ant gone
  6. View Advert Free bullx Free to good home bull x(alaunt) just under 2 years old bitch green as grass PM for details Advertiser mixedbag Date 06/11/19 Price Category Working Lurchers  
  7. Me dogs aren't barking constantly pal it's when I go to feed or taking them out or turn hosepipe on I agree nothing worse then dogs barking neighbours have dogs as well how they no it's not theres barking I'm getting blamed cos they live outside
  8. Haha don't no who's complained they've said there monitoring through a device problem is neighbour's have got dogs aswel will I get blamed for them barking
  9. Just wondering if any body's had anything similar and anything come of it
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