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  1. Hi, are the 40gr bullets still available? Thanks 


  2. Sorry to jump in but what is bbs
  3. It’s not for me it’s for friends birthday they have two rescue lurches she justs wants pup thanks for your reply
  4. Small smooth haired 20-22 inch whippet cross wanted for pet PUPPY
  5. j316


    . ?.?????????????????????? Glad you could help
  6. j316


    Help can set my pard nv007 perfectly in day time it can see nothing at night just grey fuzzy snowy screen please what am I doing wrong
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  8. If he got his head from up his bum he would see that thier are still woodcock in large numbers not in decline numpty
  9. j316


    Link to get nutter Chris sacked from bbc
  10. Sorry collection only
  11. Rifle powders View Advert Sierra 50 g spritzer two boxes 100 per box £12 per box imr 7828 powder £15 per tin Advertiser j316 Date 11/04/19 Price Category Reloading Equipment  
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