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  1. j316


    Help needed the controler wheel on my photon as come loose is there anyway to tighten it
  2. I have photon side adjustment button as come loose is there anyway to adjust it please
  3. j316


    I have photon controler button come loose any way of tightening
  4. j316


    Out tomorrow mate
  5. j316


  6. j316


    Not asking to be taken out so let's not search for clues just offering a night out on my permission????????
  7. j316


    Sorted now many thanks
  8. j316


    Look to left of my post it will give you a clue
  9. j316


    Anyone with game dog fancy night lamping
  10. j316

    this needs to stop......damn vegans

    I'm done with this topic?....
  11. j316

    this needs to stop......damn vegans

    This is a proven fact that red meat starts to decompose before it is digested
  12. j316

    this needs to stop......damn vegans

    You make a blanket statement about health issues that vegans will have a shed loads of health problems where do you get your information from ie are you medically trained would be greatful if you could supply me with said information as my grandson has health issues eating meat and dairy his health so I am really concerned that he will have even worse health problems if he does not eat meat my grandson is twenty seven years old and has made the decision to improve his health by turning vegan I find your blanket statement is as annoying as you seem to findvegans
  13. j316

    this needs to stop......damn vegans

    As in all things there are people that go over the top even on the hunting life my grandson is vegan for health reasons and has been able to stop his medication by becoming vegan he eats at my home he with his vegan meal me with my venison steak not all vegans are looney and not all people on huntinglife are sound
  14. Lost 19 chickens over two nights to cuddly red famers wife really upset thirty foxes later hope I've got the right one
  15. j316

    Bull x

    I am sick and tired of blanket statements about bull crosses I have 5/83/8 cross and is good as any other cross I've owned don't give me crap had dogs forty years