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  1. Lurcherdog96


    I know people have had semi successful greyhounds from off the track but never world beaters but has anyone ever had a greyhound from a pup either a coursing bred one or not and it been any good on the lamp and day time or are they just not cut out for it?
  2. Just putting the feelers out there, I’ll be looking for a pup toward end of jan sort sort of time bred something along the lines saluki x grey not bothered about fancy names more wanting a pup from parents that will do all running game (not teeth) to a very high standard day and night and parents that can get the job done quickly because the ground I run isn’t very big at all. Thanks in advance
  3. Lurcherdog96

    Guard dogs

    Does anybody know of any guard dogs for sale? Stuff keeps going missing so need something to keep people out. Cheers
  4. Lurcherdog96

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    What % in that dog mate? Absolute cracker
  5. Lurcherdog96

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    Some absolute crackers on here, credit to the owners dogs in top nick
  6. Lurcherdog96

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    Lovely looking animal mate, what way is it bred?
  7. Lurcherdog96

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    How you boys find em day/night?
  8. Lurcherdog96

    Anybody running racey saluki bull grey

    @roybo how do you find it mate? Have you got a picture?
  9. Is anybody currently running or had experience with a very racey saluki bull grey? Most saluki bull greys I see are built just like a bull grey with a dash of saluki but I’d like to know how a dog bred for example saluki grey x 3/8 5/8 bull grey would do as an all rounder excluding them things
  10. Lurcherdog96

    How often to feed

    You’d be a very busy man
  11. Lurcherdog96

    How often to feed

    How many times a day does everybody feed? I feed my 2 roughly same time every night after their walk and that’s it once a day and they look well on it but I was thinking would feeding twice a day be a better option? Just looking for opinions Cheers
  12. Lurcherdog96

    Puppy wanted

    Thanks for the advice mate
  13. Lurcherdog96

    Puppy wanted

    Cheers for the advice mate, if you hear of any good breeding coming up I’d really appreciate if you let me know
  14. Lurcherdog96

    Puppy wanted

    Think it all depends on what land the dogs are running mate
  15. Lurcherdog96

    Puppy wanted

    Tbh with you mate I ain’t up on all the lines and that I’m just wanting something that can do the job quick something with a good bit of pace but brains with it