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  1. How things flacko? Yea I think in some coursing dog lines it's terrible , mine has a nasty streak ,especially when there's game about ,as you know.
  2. He is ok mate no world beater but does me . He's a bit of a nightmare around other dogs although has got better ,and doesn't like strangers. There's a few others on here that has litter mates or seen them work I'm sure if they see this they'll comment
  3. They'll be decent pups I'd imagine Fuji, not dissimilar to the litter I bred, with razor blood and 1/2 the bull side , I'd imagine these be stronger though. Good luck I'm sure there'll be plenty of fun with these and the tracker will come in handy.
  4. It's theoretical dog from a dreamer that says he's going to create it
  5. i spose he can tek ya darn the cut rottin'
  6. i'm sure he will do you a local delicacy grey pays n bearcon
  7. be prepared for a long drive to find any runs lol, he is in the midlands
  8. they look to be lumps anyway john ,so you've took the slack up well . hope they turn out toppers for you mate
  9. he needs to be helping me more like ,i'm struggling with motivation
  10. Only just noticed this thread John... I see you went and done it then pal. Looks a nice strong litter ,did you use the dog youemtioned to me in the end pal
  11. It's a big responsibility to have a dog that can do harm,even if some toe rags deserve it. Becomes even more serious if they are trained to bite ,and you better have faith in your dogs training and socialization. A big dopey Barker would be enough for me.
  12. great offer and refreshing in this day and age,
  13. Maybe they are "endangered" because as you say people want pups out of working parents , And unless working sheep or racing is working you will struggle . Coupled with the fact that some add something else that they feel a first cross maybe missing, Or maybe they just ain't wanted any more.
  14. pigs tails and trotters ,i used to love them . being from the black country grey pays is a rare treat these days flacko neck and breast of lamb stew,still remember the grease lol
  15. Of course you'll never know what worker you may be investing in for maybe a year or 2. Conversely you can't see if an 8 week old pup will be a looker, some don't blossom into lookers even though they were nice pups I certainly wouldn't pick a stud dog on looks or colour . But you may like a "type" be that build ,size , or coat ,and that may suit where you work the dog ,or may prefer racy over strong . I think we all have one eye on certain things that appeal .
  16. Well bred pup wild Bill, and parents look nice types
  17. Bill ,I just said it's 9 and still here so probably kept someone happy ,and said I GUESS , may have been easily pleased or the dog could have been a superstar I have no way of knowing . But lurcherlad94 is happy
  18. Look at the end of the day they are your dogs and you can,and will do as you please. Hopefully in time you'll realise that the best dogs you'll ever have are the ones that you have had the most input with ,
  19. It's 9 year old if it's still alive it must have done something right for someone I guess. I never once said the dog has jacked . For what it's worth he looks a nice type, And hope for his sake he does well for you. And sorry where I've put "for sale " read it as given away
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