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  1. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Yeh my bitch is like 26lb and shes 8 months
  2. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Nice looking dog u got there mate how old is he ?
  3. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Part 2
  4. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Just having a little mooch
  5. Must of turned abit nippy in the night lol come down to E.T
  6. Mr r3d

    Sad to kill rabbits anymore.

    I agree mate the number have dropped major i only know of one spot now that holds decent numbers every where else is just kike u said the odd one or 2
  7. Mr r3d

    A sadder than sad day.

    R.I.P mate
  8. Mr r3d

    Not eating

    How did you get my secret desert recipe?!?!?!
  9. Mr r3d

    Not eating

    I had a greyhound a few years ago he was a racing dog but when ever i would go on holiday or any reason he would have to be sent to my old mans mates kennel he wouldbt eat for days sometimes a week no matter what u offered him sound like hes just pulling his face to me
  10. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    That new fly swatter works well then?
  11. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Well what u doing on here then get out there and sell some info on someone
  12. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    What do you know about polonium u sneaky russian
  13. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    His comments on other topics are strange aswell you called it BD hes from the bbc
  14. Mr r3d

    View From Your Swim

    I know we could make a amazing calender of some of the back drops on this thread we be minted