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  1. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Mine are getting bigger by the day! one of the male before work this morning
  2. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Just thought i would add another oic
  3. Mr r3d

    A couple of hours bunny bashing

    Well done mate nice haul the rabbit numbers seem to have picked back up a little now don't they
  4. Mr r3d

    2 hours mooching

    Yeh i watched a review on one the other day and they look a really decent bit of kit i know you can make your own for cheaper but it looks really simple to put on and off ect i might just invest lol
  5. Mr r3d

    2 hours mooching

    Tbf it was only like 150 and it is a decent gun i have had alot of fun with it since i got it it's prety powerful and its prety accurate (probably more so than me) so i cant nock the gun the only other 2 smks i have shot are the b2 and a co2 rifle im not sure on the model and the 19 is alot better
  6. Mr r3d

    2 hours mooching

    I hope so mate i was looking at a a nite site viper kit they look really good think would help me get a few more also be good for the ratting
  7. Mr r3d

    2 hours mooching

    No its all how it came from the box i want to get a few things done to it eventually but might just get a better rifle
  8. Mr r3d

    2 hours mooching

    I havnt been out after the bunnies all year been letting em recoup the numbers we just been going for woodies and maggies but i kid u not i must of seen 1000+ rabbits last night on my strolls
  9. Went out for a couple of hours with 2 of the lads nice stroll around in nice weather with great company all in all a good time Rifle used SMK19 .22
  10. Mr r3d

    Bushing stud dog

    The I have spoken to fox pack hopefully we have a meet up when she's ready and see if we can get her to take I have read good things on here about Bryan and his pups so fingers crossed
  11. Mr r3d

    Help required

    Nice one mate well done
  12. Mr r3d

    Bushing stud dog

    As title says im looking for a stud for my Jack russel bitch she's a good busher to big for any real earth but she marks really well and she's good at marking pigeons in the trees. I'm based in the West Midlands I'm just looking to get things in place for her next season she's gona be 4 the begining of next year and would love a pup out of her
  13. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    Few pics of them this morning
  14. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    I got one like that she looks right but she's much taller than the average for her age lol I took my 2 pups out yesterday and the little male had to be physically restrained from going down a rabbit hole after the Jack russel he really wanted a dig
  15. Mr r3d

    Staffy Bull

    He's nice mate is he a full staffy