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  1. Pups well looked after and well reared over the moon with mine parents and uncle great to nice to see a good litter like this about
  2. Pups looking really well credit to the Ian. Looking forward to bringing mine home
  3. Is this the pup when he was younger
  4. bubble what u up to like, might be getting permission at haltwhistle,

  5. its at pickering showground mate i jst seen it advertised in the countrymans weekly a few munth back
  6. help please,can any 1 tell me the postcode for the sat nav for the fair at pickering this weekend cheers
  7. 2 be honest i only reali hav 10ft by 6ft space but they wil be out 3 times a day and exercised
  8. alright lads im thinkin of gettin a new kennel and run as my dogs jst have the run of the back garden wat size kennel and run would you lot recomend for 2 large lurchers
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