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  1. a lot of dogs can sire pups at a ripe old age but I do think the Quality goes out of them the older they get as in actually producing goods
  2. If it was a pheasant or cockerel she would have
  3. Hi mate and thanks see doesn’t belong to me, pics don’t do her any justice and she’s not done hardly any running as such but she can shift..
  4. Not could be it is true! £200 isn’t much at all for a pup but a couple of litters a year is cashing in lol Iv not prob with anyone peddling pups there dogs there choice long as there by Genuine dogs,,
  5. That’s all they was a money spinner! Chucked in the edrd had smoke blown up There arse,s and then cash in!!
  6. would have been any easy decision for most to have just pts thinking he wouldn’t have had a future, But fair play to you! Here’s his litter mate
  7. Why on earth would jp give this sf the go ahead on the book
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