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  1. won f**k all.............. again haha
  2. vesper bell, mountainous, tea for three, tidal bay and big shu all ew
  3. you and your mut certainly get out and about
  4. that rat caught in a kitchen in sweden is fecking huge!!!!!!

  5. 500 rupees each! that's a bit steep. hope you find a good home for them
  6. ant seen any yet. last year it was April before I saw any but I think it will be earlier this year
  7. I thought the gun was a camera at 1st haha good shooting pal
  8. nice pics pal whats the red stuff on the terriers coat?
  9. well done mate. 5 squirrels in one shoot is not bad at all
  10. feck me! bet you where dying for a pint after shifting all that lot
  11. well done mate. you've got some acrobatic rabbits on your permission
  12. seeing great photos like these makes me want a lurcher so bad
  13. when I was about 10 0r 11 I very nearly slipped down a cliff when walking the terrier. not sure If it was near death but it sure did shit me up haha
  14. went out for a few hours this morning with one of the terriers and the air arms s300 and got these critters think the other crow was took by a fox as it was gone on the way back so couldn't get a picture of it. the squirrel was the 23rd ive had out of this particular wood in the past few months and there's still a few about so ime not giving up
  15. ye that's my usual plan when ime out in the woods. working well for me so far
  16. pigeon looks nice mate. ime the same I like my meat well done not still quacking haha. ile be having the duck tomorrow and it should be a good meal as its one fat duck
  17. almost forgot ............. my attempt at the 'pose' haha
  18. cheers pal. ye get yourself a feeder up and a hide and you'll get loads of sport
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