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  1. cheers pal. the trout was 3lb and thats huge for the local river/stream i fish and ile be having it for my dinner tommorrow. haha it would be a weird combo but i think ile eat the pigeon aswell and the dogs are having the rabbit as i feel i have neglected them a wee bit as ive been out with air rifle alot recently so they deserve it
  2. after starting the day with my pb brown trout i ended it with these two the trip didnt start off well as i was surprised to see 2 squirrels which i couldnt get near and then i decided to wait for the crows. however they wernt behaving and they kept landing behind leaves where i couldnt see them. then finally i saw the pigeon and took aim and shot and it flew off a bit at first but then it dropped through the trees like a bloody cocunut where i popped it in my bag. then on the way home i spied a rabbit feeding in the long grass. completely oblivious to my presence. so took aim and
  3. cheers pal, i think when the line keeps rubbing against the rocks thats what does the line
  4. up at half four this morning to go fishing for a big brownie with the best lure for any predator fish ever imo. the abu garcia tormentor. 5 minutes into the trip and i caught this monster 18 inch long and 3lbs for the river i fish it is a huge fish as its only a few foot wide. i was very lucky to land it as when i got it on the bank the line snapped and i just managed to grip it. and this i no ordinary line. it is 12lb extreme trouting line and that might seem to much but believe me it isnt! it was a male trout and its mouth was huge as you can see i also caught a big femal
  5. 8!!!!! thats more then ive seen all year round here. well done mate
  6. well done mate good pics
  7. cheers pal, it would of been better had it been windy as midges arnt usually that bad when its windy
  8. went back out for crows last night and managed to get just the one. it would of been more if ide of sat under the [BANNED TEXT] tree and rememberd my midge spray! haha. got a very young magpie tother day aswell and another crow but i wasnt able to locate it.
  9. good lad! he is like me when i was a nipper. as soon as i could walk i was out with my dad and shotgun and ferrets. you couldnt get me away from ducks, rabbits etc that where in kitchen ready to be skinned or plucked. and on the odd occasion he went with out me, i used to be sulking for days haha
  10. ive seen them over the trough of bowland before
  11. tis a big un. i trapped a male squirrel once and i think it was the king squirrel around these parts as it was built like a body builder and its nuts where huge and i dont mean peanuts
  12. cheers lads, ive definetely got the bug. sitting in wait and waiting for crows to land above is my favourite sport at the moment
  13. after my success on friday i thought ide go back to the wood again where i got the crow. so i set off at 7pm with the webley and plenty of pellets and saw a squiirel as soon as i got there but it run off through the trees straight away. so got the the place and sat down and waited. all the time there was loads of crows and jackdaw flying around, teasing me but i couldnt get a clear shot because of the leaves. so i decided to move to a new spot and was presented with a crow. took the shot and the pellet struck but it managed to fly off and dropped down in a jungle of a meadow and i coudnt find
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