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  1. went back to where i got the crow today but didnt see anything but as i was walking through the wood i saw these big brown eyes looking up at me. as i looked closer i saw it was a tiny little rabbit. so i put my air rifle on floor and walked towards it and it didnt move, it even let me pick it up! so being a bit of a soft ase i held it for abit and then it jumped out my hands and fecked off! ide never shoot rabbits that small and especially that close to me, but come august/septemeber ile be back after the adults
  2. cheers mate i dont have a camera at the moment cos i lost it in the deep now we had in january and i didnt want to bring the smelly thing back home to take a snap of it with my webcam. but i am on the lookout for a cheap digital camera so next time i go out ile hopefully be ble to show off my results
  3. cheers lads, i usually cant get near them even when ive got camo gear on so i was quite surprised that it didnt see me
  4. went out for an hour with the webley just for a mooch this evening. not after anything particular just trying my luck. as i was en route i walked through a quarry i shoot and saw plenty rabbits of all sizes, i was tempted to have a shot but i kept disciplined and left them for the end of the summer. then i got to my destination, a large woodland with some huge trees surrounded by fields. as i got a fair way in the wood something caught my eye, i kept my eye on where i saw it and it turned out to be a billy badger. i was only 20 yrds away from it with just some dark clothes on no camaflauge an
  5. if you hit a pigeon in the chest with an air rifle its dead in my experience
  6. cheers pal, i have a crow decoy aswell just in case it doesnt work
  7. i have a toy owl thats in my attic from when i was a nipper and it looks pretty life like. so i was wondering if it could be used as a decoy for magpies and maybe crows. its not that big probably just a bit bigger than a little owl. probably a stupid question but you never know and ime not paying 50 quid or what ever an owl decoy costs
  8. well done mate. good day for pigeon shooting today seen loads sunbathing in sitty trees
  9. well done mate. i like the way you give your squirrels a name. i gunna start calling mine clive the squirrel
  10. cheers mate, they start breeding quite late round here and even later this year as ive only seen one young un.
  11. good vid mate. i shot a rabbit this morning in head and it was i think it was trying to break the record for the most backflips done it 10 seconds
  12. got up at half 5 this morning and checked outside the window for the weather and was surprised to see a bit of snow on the hills and lower down. so put an extra layer on and off i went after a rabbii or two. as soon i got out i new it was going to be difficlut to stalk the rabbits as the snow that had fallen had frozen and it was quite loud underfoot. but still managed to get a buck rabbit and saw plenty more but i think ile leave them until september.
  13. well done mate nice terrier aswell
  14. cheers mate theres plenty here lol when i was shooting that 1 there was another 6 in the same field but left them alone i am not greedy theres allways another day and there are very frisky at moment so will leave them be for a few months. atb symon ye there used to be loads near me when my dad was younger he used to see 20 or 30 on some days and used to get a few with lurchers but they all went for some reason. when i do see a hare its usually in the wood near me during heavy snow.
  15. well done mate havnt seen a hare near me in over a year
  16. bushing lad


    hope ivanavich gets a rabie and tetanus test. bet the ugly fecker has all sorts
  17. bushing lad


    loved alan smith's reaction to it! 'looks like he's sunk his nashers in'! haha
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