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  1. Once your used to it thats no a problem mate i keep the pellets in my pocket and you soon feel the difference between the pellet head and skirt and i never use a head torch , ive thought about converting mine to a multi shot but never bothered as i like it that much ye like I say ive only had it a week so ime sure ile get used to it
  2. aye its a great gun to shoot. its a challenge to load in the dark with the bolt action but a head torch soon solves that problem
  3. I use a led lenser h7 head torch and I would strongly recommend it
  4. haha that's class, well in old fella
  5. cheers fellas. after shooting a webley Vulcan for a few months its a real shock to the system when 1st shooting a pcp, but a pleasant shock at that
  6. last Saturday I ended up getting my 1st pcp air rifle. an air arms s300. I wasn't planning on getting it. I was only after some pellets but ended up getting it. it only cost £200 for the gun and the pump as my dad did a part exchange for an old air rifle. so I've had it for a week and I've had 8 kills and ime very happy with it. I didnt get a picture of them all but I got a few
  7. well done mate. there's a few rabbits there
  8. well done mate hopefully next time you will be more successful and get a bigger bag haha
  9. that's a good innings that for a ferret
  10. I bet the rabbit in the 4th pic down had a headache ha-ha good shooting bud
  11. ide drown the cocky little sh*t! but he does make a fair point, bacon is good for you haha
  12. after a few failed attempts in the past, tonite i went out to get my 1st bunny on the lamp. i havnt got a proper lamp so to speak but i do have a led lenser head torch so i just tie that on top of the rifle and it works brilliantly. the weather was perfect! a little steady drizzle and a bit of wind and plenty of rabbits i could of got loads more rabbits as there was loads of them and they looked like theyde never seen a light before. they just sat there when i walked towards them but i left them for another day. sorry about the bad picture. i forgot to take the camera and had t
  13. ye ive watched them. some good vids to be watched
  14. good one pal, i love shooting the squirrels
  15. haha thats true. i think its beautiful in its own special way anyway haha
  16. went back to squirrel feeder tonite and got another squirrel
  17. ye i dont eat them me self as ime not reyt keen on them but the terriers love them but their only a small meal and they take the p*ss to skin haha
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