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  1. well done mate ive got a theoben sirocco in 177 and it certainly packs a punch. after using a pcp for a while when I fire the sirocco its like firing a 12 bore haha
  2. ive been topping up the squirrel feeder for a week now with sunflower seeds and they've been empty the next day each time so I went out after them this morning. set off at half 6 and on the way to the wood I took a u turn and went for a gander at a lodge where there is usually a few ducks. and sure enough as I got there I saw a pair of mallards swimming about so I got comfortable and waited for them to come closer. 5 minutes later and the drake offered me a chance and I took it. my 1st duck ever back to the plan in action, as I was topping up the feeder I scared two squirrels away
  3. well done mate them squirrels look well fed
  4. cheers fella. my permission used to be the same but all of a sudden they've exploded and there everywhere. must be due to the bumper beech mass and the millions of acorns this year
  5. went out for a few hours this morning before the rain and bagged 2 pigeons and a squirrel. the place I shoot is absolutely crawling with squirrels at the moment so I will be busy for a few weeks
  6. aye 1st light and the last light without fail there's always squirrels visiting the feeder
  7. bit more than mine haha. if I shot that many in one go that would be all the squirrels gone round here haha.
  8. smashed my squirrel pb today! 4 squirrels! that probably doesn't sound a lot but to me that's a huge bag considering my previous best is 1 in 1 session haha! and the fact that the most ive seen in one day is 2 in the last 2 years! the 1st squirrel I got was when I was on my way to the squirrel feeder and I suddenly saw a squirrel running along a branch with an acorn in its mouth. it stopped and had a staring contest with me and lost as the air arms s300 sent it to sleep. so one in the bag I went to the feeder. upon arrival I scared a squirrel away from feeder but I new it would be back so I
  9. you should have many good nights this year if the rabbit numbers there are anything like the numbers round me. there's plenty that's for sure
  10. Thats a perfect fork! I know I was quite surprised how good it was to say I only looked for about 15 mins
  11. This is what ive got so far its still a bit big so far so I need to cut it to shape and ime going to get some band and some ammo and then ime ready to practice
  12. cheers lads. ive started to make my own earlier on so ile let you know how I get on
  13. I want a catty for when ime out with terriers so I just wanted to know if I should buy one or make my own, bearing in mind ive no experience with them before. cheers
  14. cheers lads. ye the torch works brilliantly and it doesn't add any weight to the gun as it is so light
  15. I suppose but theyde be better off over the hills where they are not getting in the way
  16. thank feck for that! hopefully all these fat b*astards thinking they can ride like him will feck off the roads now!
  17. ive just had the s300 out with head torch and took one shot and got one rabbit with a cracking headshot. so I must be cleaning it right
  18. cheers fellas. ile find a new spot to zero from and give it a dap with an oily rag from now one. ive just had a look at it and theres no sand on the bolt so I should be reyt
  19. cheers mate, how do you think I should clean it?
  20. ive got an air arms s300 and I just wanted to know if I should clean the bolt action? and if yes, how? because where I go to zero is quite sandy and it is impossible to keep sand off it. Also, is it advisable to use the s300 in the rain? just worried that rain in the bolt action may affect pellet accuracy somehow. cheers.
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