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  1. I have a contour roam 2 hd camera for sale. Have a look at the link below. http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B009CN8VRK?pc_redir=1404096841&robot_redir=1 Ill take £ posted
  2. This morning me and my dad went out with a local deer guide Mark Robson, out for a morning stalk to try for a birthday buck. We had only gone 500m from his truck and mark spotted a doe and buck way across the field from us. We lay still rifle all ready on bipod in place making sure i was still, we watched him and he made his way across the field towards us this is where a safe shot at him was available, Heart/Lung shot just a little high but still hitting the lungs and top of the heart, shot was at 100m, job done for 04:40. A nice mature freak head This will be remember forever, great m
  3. or sale - ns50 with lithium battery and recording unit angel eye £300 posted
  4. Thanks pal yeah got a shooting beanbag on the door
  5. Thanks pal hahahahaha yeah thats the plan Yeqh getting stuck into the rabbits as much as i can Hope you get out pal, weather is a pain in the ass
  6. Thanks gaz Thanks villaman hope the weather hold out for you
  7. Evening This is my 7th video i have made took a wee bit longer due to the weather being really nasty up here Hope you enjoy it
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