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  1. ive thought about selling them before but wouldnt know where to sell them to. though ive heard of a fly fishing website that buys them i think
  2. i do have some cage traps which when set always catch squirrels. i caught 9 squirrels earlier this year with them in a little wood nearbye and thats a good haul round here as they are pretty scarce. but i prefer to shoot them if posible
  3. haha their always getting in the pictures! stupid big green things
  4. got up at 5 this morning to go after some rabbits and squirrels. after a quick walk in the quarry where i saw plenty of rabbits and missed two , i went to a wood where i have put a squirrel feeder. its only been up a few days and the squirrels have found it already. so i waited for a bit but then i remembered that the squirrels round here are lazy buggers and dont get up till 7 ish so i went for a gander until then. on my gander i managed to get a rabbit then after more mooching i decided to go back to the squirrels. as i got near i saw a squirrel on the ground. so i tried to get clo
  5. up at half four to go looking for some bunnys this morning and managed to get these two i got them on one of my permissions which i have never shot before so it was good to get out and investigate the rabbit numbers. there was a good number of rabbits about and a big burrow where they all have meetings where you can get some shots at them.
  6. dont think an air rifle would do the job on that beast!
  7. thats the best news ive heard all week
  8. theres one in oban which i go when ime fishing there. the chips are delicious and the fish is as fresh as can be but its fecking expensive
  9. cheers pal There's more in my Garden than on my perm haha haha ime the exact opposite. none in my garden loads on my permissions
  10. well done mate wish i had rabbits in my garden
  11. well done mate. it sure was a lovely day for a mooch
  12. haha cheers mate. ye she does get quite protective of our catches but she is not as bad as she used to be. i remember once when she come shooting ducks with me and my dad and we managed to get 4 i think and on the way home we stopped off at my grandads. and she was guarding the ducks with her life and wouldnt let my grandads dog near them which is her sister and much bigger than her. haha
  13. went out for a few hours this morning with the old bitch looking for a crow or maybe a squirrel. ended up with none of them but did end up with a woody so it wasnt a bad result
  14. cheers lads. it works well in all weathers and is a real joy to own haha
  15. well done mate . ime the same i hate it when i cant retrieve my shot, especially when its the only one you got and you missed the rest like me tonite even when its a crow like tonite i still like to get them back for a picture.
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