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  1. I run on a cricket club it’s like a bowling green iv only caught 10 rabbits there maybe in 3 years they are so fast it’s unreal
  2. Iv seen vids of your dog and I thought it looked quite sharp up and at em what have these 2 dogs in Scotland done so bad
  3. Listen lads I don’t take pic to got around here police taking phones that shit iv sent enough pics about and vids off mates phones your dogs I just don’t like the idea of putting dogs to sleep especially when there not really had a fair crack of whip and I didn’t say I’ve ran 3 out of 3 on fen field hares around here I fancy my pup to kill you lads were never happy as soon as you bought them they were never going to be good enough for ya you had the mother I agree she looked nervous and to be honest you did send me vids of her but there plenty of rubbish out there that have bred decent animals go and give the pups to a young kid who take them lamping or something shame to kill a young dog still plenty maturing left i these dogs just my opinion
  4. Any one who knows me will vouch for me I want lie I’m out in the fen fields the best of land and I still think these dogs will not see the best til next year not saying there world beaters but iv seen men match a lot worse dogs and win and the hares are a lot different down here There as good here as anywhere in the country
  5. Iv still got mine and it’s doing numbers on lamp and doing regular 2s in the daytime done 3 a coupe times putting dogs to sleep ain’t good think u need to look at yaself you failed as much as the dog
  6. Let me no when there in please
  7. I’m after a lithium battery for my blitz cash waiting in Berkshire
  8. Down here in south near Berkshire the ground is so hard its like brick the season not got going down here at the min were us the rain how Is everyone else season started
  9. I'm around Hampshire mate really hard for permission most places have game keepers cause of the birds and shoots
  10. Like your posts mate looks like you always have good sport when out
  11. Do you reckon that dogs are better now or back then
  12. Like the look of that bitch red bull
  13. I do 10 month old sights are promising
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