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  1. jcb

    Old nuttall stock

    Hopefully you’ll do a book glen,would be interesting read
  2. jcb

    New Season In France

    Why are the dogs in cages? Wouldn’t a lead be handier
  3. jcb

    nuttal book

    Everything rabbit hunter said.i liked the article about GJ and pictures.pity they weren’t in color
  4. My vet charged me around 30 euro last year to jab a bitch 250 is rip off
  5. jcb

    MORE BAD NEWS......

    Idiots their mouths need stapling
  6. jcb


    Them or the blue barrels are handy drill few holes in the arse of them
  7. jcb

    Young promising bitch

    Would he part with a surplus pup
  8. jcb

    Royal jelly

    I tryd it never brought my bitch in
  9. jcb

    JBluck dirt

    “He’s cut from a different type of cloth all right”
  10. jcb

    A wee hour out

    WHat cross is she John
  11. jcb

    New Artifical

    What size pivot do you use