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  1. Did they ever do a day's work bomber
  2. jcb

    Any pups about ?

    what did you expect getting a lurcher with that make up
  3. jcb

    Android phone

    How do I upload a picture
  4. jcb

    Out Today

    What are they beagle x harrier ?
  5. Get there name address and photo up
  6. jcb

    Working border types

    Was it Lee?
  7. jcb

    Who do you admire?

    Are yourself and Morton after making up so fd,delighted for ye
  8. jcb

    Middleton book

    He’s writing one on j Park now,pity someone else wouldn’t do it
  9. them to close people i no but no i dont sell them for £350 but ive seen them got for as little as that Every tom dick and harry have jumped on the wagon selling them from un proven stock and even crosses that look like them for good ££ , people want them for pets , and people want them for work so theirs a good market for any surplus . No one forces any one to buy them if your in to them your in to them simple , me i like them as you can work them day after day with out the big vet bills or faces missing and not worry about any knocks on your door ... do u do much digging with them
  10. jcb

    ginger rabbit

    Had this fella last year
  11. jcb


    Who would you prefer to breed from d ,the slow starter or the natural 1 or would it matter to ya
  12. jcb


    Wat type or line do you keep howdeep
  13. jcb

    Terrier kennel run sizes

    What kinda mula it cost ya if you don’t mind me asking