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  1. My bitch is direct out of him and no a lot of men with dogs out of him he produces to good
  2. Scouser has produced some of the best coursing dogs in the country at the moment it is worth the 500 all day long to get what you want
  3. 27 mate and am really not sure of weight
  4. Everything happens for a reason mate firm believer in that mate
  5. You not kidding mate got boxed in off keepers and police other day for just having a walk could run out coz it's too long
  6. Got plenty of them mate dont need to breed dogs for that the will be given out between us
  7. Good old picture mate my mate lee has hold of caption in that pic
  8. Cheers mate the pair of them just pups
  9. Went out with my pal today for a little way and we checked the dogs in the back of the truck next thing we no I tured round and my white dog was stuck with his bitch my pal wasn't to happy but I was over the moon coz this bitch is a top class bitch out of my old dog rio she has everything aggressive speed stamina the lot ..he was going to do this lining in a few year .... so the will be line bred back to my old dog rio
  10. Yer mate fettle won forly cup and splodge won forly legends
  11. I bred him my self mate he a coursing bred pup out of my white dog who is out of rio who is out of fettle and splodge to a bitch called bella who is out of benji to fen feavers nell to a bitch called the iron lady who is out of bulldozer to a bitch out of snowy and coldfield joe
  12. Trust me mate I put the time and the miles in to get them the work
  13. Thank you mate I'm a big believer in dont put all eggs into one basket so have a few different bits see what is best
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