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  1. The should be good all rounders good for a bit of everything
  2. There will be very chancy pups mate best of luck with them
  3. I no mate I have had a couple of them in the past and you can not beat them my old one would take any thing I had fallow bucks with him the lot never batted a eye lid ..... when was that lineing done
  4. I totally understand mate I am ment to be lineing 2 bitches soon with my white dog but it's a bit touch and go at the min and one is ment to be coming from irland so I really dont no what will happen but I have pm you mate cheers
  5. It will not let me PM him if any onesee this can you tell him to PM thank you
  6. Thank you mate well appreciated
  7. Was just wondering if there any litters coming up of beddy greyhound or something along them lines it's just for my dad he likes one he been hinting on for me to get him one for a bit now so if any one noses out would be well appreciated for any info thanks
  8. Nice little pack mate and he is a lovely stamp of a dog that top one
  9. Lovely pair dog them mate and a underleverble back drop
  10. Lovely pup that mate was that one off dragon drive
  11. Finger crossed one good thing comes out of this but it makes sense that the wildlife will feel more safe and be out more
  12. Thank you mate he remind me so much of his grandfather rio as a pup
  13. Cheers pal it's all old school stuff when dogs were tested week in week out that splodge won the forly legend come runner up in the forly cup and won a 16 dog stake all in the same season fettle won the forly cup ran ran 10 in three days and killed 9 and my own dog out off them two was ran 3 or 4 times a week from the age of 8 months till he was 7
  14. Cheers mate the is some good stuff out him kicking about and the are very strong pups that's my white dog and his litter sister
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