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  1. We didn’t start yet lad won’t start until the end of March, never really had to much trouble in the past with foxes. Had trouble with stray dogs alright
  2. The hibiscrub is good stuff alright , after hearing from a few different lads that they use the dry cow tubes I said I’d try it out .
  3. A quick one before college during the week
  4. I’m looking into getting a few harriers myself for next season be better crack than following that other pack from the village. He didn’t hunt the hounds for 2/3 weeks over the Christmas period when everyone was off work and we mad for digging. Ya we got a good run from that first cover into the wood on the top road and then they hunted up to the warhouse and marked him on a bank just across from that light hole we dug suzzie in a few years back . We Bolted him then and they hunted him to the plantation in foyle
  5. Great earth to hold alright it’s a pitty some lads found it and dug the bollox out of it , it’s always the same if u entered the pup it would of went deep. Dogs all going well getting plenty of work for them hopefully we get another week or two of this cold weather. I dug one of the other lads with a dog I have yesterday morning at 0.9 great dig, went onto the hounds then and dug another bitch at a metre
  6. Ya same as ourselves slow enough start with the dry spell but things are flying now , the old suzzie bitch passed away during the summer got some sport with her the last few years. The young hairy bitch going well few digs to her this season so far, have to be careful where I drop her though she’s a lunatic once she enters the ground @howdeeposxxt
  7. Be Eddies line out of a bitch I had called twiggy lost her underground the end of last season with hounds in a sandy hole. How’s yer season goin so far @howdeeposxxt
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