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  1. Hibiscrub excellent skin cleanser and all rounder containg chlorhexidine gluconate just dilute accordingly.
  2. Absolute coward !!! do exactly to him with a bit extra what he put this man through .
  3. NM850 led is a good all rounder used solo and lamping
  4. I lost one of my lurchers march 2016 as you rightly say heartbreaking! there is not a day that goes by I don't think of him but now it's with the appreciation of having spent great time with him ! And in time you will too .
  5. So sad reading this truly horrendous for you !feel for both you and your Mrs
  6. I acquired a 2 year old kc cavalier king charles spaniel with history winning grandparents at crafts from a girl I worked with who could know longer look after him.the health problems that became apparent where heart reaching as the kc interbreeding to produce a face suitable for SHOW was pushing it's brain into its spinal column along with mitral valve heart problems but and here is the but a friend of mine who owned lurchers and a terrier encouraged Charlie to an earth I was proud of its impulse and intent to work alongside side the terrier but extremely saddened at the detriment of heal
  7. Idiots !!! Who haven't got the patience!!! time!!! and effort!!! then blame the dog are the wankers!!! The Dog will only be as good as the input of the owner!!!
  8. if you were a traveller shouldnt it be "our" face . I'm off lamping now kill baby rabbits and if it miss I'm throwing it out the back of me van so gnight Gypo or not I would say it to the face of any shit house that ill treats a dog hopefully ye brakes will fail and you will get thrown from ye van karma always catches up oh yup,forgot all travellers are bare knuckle,catapult a cats eye out at 100yrd,experts.ffs if you were a traveller shouldnt it be "our" face . I'm off lamping now kill baby rabbits and if it miss I'm throwing it out the back of me van so gnight oh yup,forgot al
  9. Big garden you can always build a shed if she gives you grief haha
  10. Also a letter to the commission and trustees highlighting your intention to publicise the obvious animal activist agenda of the rspca ! Not the welfare of animals may indeed have a negative impact to funding to which is after all a charity!!! Make as many people aware of there political bias and unethical procedures!!!
  11. The rspca have a code of conduct and a duty of care to all animals in there care irrelevant to the individual rspca officer and as passing the buck is unacceptable I would disregard the stages of the complaints procedure and write a letter to the chief executive stating the facts posting it signed for mail as receipt of postage with an enclosed self addressed envelope with your intention to exhaust every media facility available unless given written response and intention to your well founded grievance. Persistent will pay off good luck and don't give up
  12. 1.the later you come home the more excited your dog is to see you 2.dogs dont notice if you call them by another name 3.dogs like hunting fishing and football 4.a dog will let you put a studded collar on it without calling you a pervert 5.if a dog smells another dog on you it dosent mind they find it interesting 6a dogs parents never visit 7if a dog has babies you can put an advert in the paper free to good home 8.a dog dosent wake you at night to ask if i died would you get another dog 9.if a dog leaves it wont take half your belongings 10.to test this theory lock your wife and dog i
  13. with u saying it was presented to the magisrates on a previous occasion without conviction, has a high up rspca inspector with a dented ego made it his business to bring charges by surveillance and photographic evidence if so this is an unethical waste of charitable funds and time and an avenue i would deffo explore. sometimes u give people a uniform and they turn into a little hitler or am i the only cynical one
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