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  1. Nightmare mate does your head in like
  2. Really well maybe the last scrat of the season then still snowing now going to be a shame not to have a look dont really get this much down my way well not on lower ground more the tops with bit of luck get on top of one today and hope it’s mr Charles
  3. Cracking pics mate was a nice one for the kid mate upwards and onwards now
  4. She is only 5 month and starting well can’t wait to she grafts big time with better and bigger game
  5. Field and trial and fresh tripe and veg does my dogs well while grafting hard through winter.
  6. They got nothing better to do like we are doing nothing wrong not as if we drinking taken drugs fighting smashing stuff up we go out to have some fun time peace and quiet really from the misses and kids and yet still get ear ache of them like.
  7. Only snowed for about 10 mins down my way And by the time you get your boots and gear on it’s gone but looks like you guys had some good down fall
  8. Great pics mate would of been even better with couple dogs ratching about. But still good pics
  9. Wow remember my profile back on great 👍 

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