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  1. il tell you what will a couple pints of rough sider, bet you like wrestling too , am i right
  2. you've never seen a malamute x, so once again your talking a bout something you know nothing about, the dogs a pet iv never used him
  3. i know of some one who was at rock bottom , he was living in hell ( part was self-inflicted ) he pulled through , he had money and half the world behind him , he became an hero , those on the street have no money , no help , and most no hope ,
  4. is that their fault , what a wanker.
  5. don't know if you know it, but your a good bloke you cnut.
  6. fury will never fight again , 100 percent ,watch the excuses,
  7. some clueless fookers on here , you couldn't of been any closer to the truth ,
  8. no they say the day you start forgetting is the day you start dieing
  9. there dogs out there thats got everything , the collie or saluki takes to much from the bull and don't give enough back , thats my opinion, i got the bedi x 16 year old , and the malamute 10 year old .
  10. if its for rabbits , why put bull in ,and if its for anything else why put collie in,
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