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  1. Iv heard same chaffinch, an i saw a few doing it when not getting it there own way, if they never walked that is, but have beenbtold of a few folk that i trust that there was few good uns, but there had to be as there was loads an i mean loads brednothing like edging your bets Never seen him work so can't really disagree but the dog I had out of his stuff was no neck holder beleive me, he would wag his tail whilst on the hot end, and lads that seen him work that have also seen billy work said 'can't say he's harder than billy but he's as hard as him" for them to say that tells me he was no neck holder also, like you say for the amount that's apparantly bred out of Reece's stuff there's bound to be bad dogs about(as hard) lmao, nothing hard about huge dogs bashing up stuff a 1/4 there own weight just bully's.. Yet most dogs won't even do that....
  2. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    Cheers for the compliment pal, if you need any feline advice get in touch.
  3. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    That's what I said earlier pal, it definitely isn't a young Cougar because the cat on those pics has rosette markings and not spots unlike a young Cougar.
  4. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    I think it's safe to say it ain't a Big Cat whatever it is.
  5. That will be what the media are reporting, not necessarily true. correct you only have to look at the run-up to brexit to see the media only push what they want you believe for their paymasters.Not just fakes news, I've been reliably informed she was awful! Did the BBC tell you that?
  6. A fighters job isn't to make it as exciting as possible, they are in it to win and nothing else. Joshua obviously puts more bums on their seats (no pun intended) but that doesn't mean he will beat Fury. What he has going for him over Wlad is he throws combinations, it's not easy avoiding all shots no matter how good you are defensively and youth.
  7. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    That isn't a Big Cat in my eyes but what do I know, it sure isn't a young Cougar that's for certain.
  8. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    I assume the camera was in the same place? Might be, but the object isn't. How do you know? Chances are if it's in the same place then they are using the same run?
  9. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    If you look at the patterns on it's coat they are rossettes and not spots, a young Cougar has spotted markings. To me this is a silver Bengal Cat.
  10. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    I assume the camera was in the same place?
  11. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    Can you post the pic of the fox and the cat together.
  12. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    Looking at the size of the fox head compared to that fencing the cats head is smaller to my eyes.
  13. DogMan85

    Lidle Find

    I'm being honest pal but those images don't fill me with confidence at all, it's definitely something though.
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