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  1. So fight him or youll be known as kackers for shitting yerself
  2. Yer remember it to well or mud bombs flying everywhere round you ,you go to send one back and nothing comes out thoughs were the days.kids these days dont know what there missing.
  3. Bazonks ,used to spend hours roaming round with them everyone new what was going down if you had one of though's bad boys
  4. Thats the cxgsxg hes doing well so far no complaints here just abit stubborn will come in time that though
  5. Ive got one here mate and he'd be better suited daytime if im honest but he does still do the job,his obedience though is spot on, his brothers do the night job no problem , sir and dam did the night job again no problems,i just got the fussy c**t.Hasnt put me off them though as i picked a pup up collie grey x saluki grey whos first proper season is this year so the feathered ones are still in the mix. Carnt complain about him hes coming on well.
  6. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2182532-rabbit-killing-virus-may-have-mutated-to-kill-hares-too/amp/
  7. When its comes to salukis it pays to know the line i think i have a dog here who from the moment i had him i drilled recall recall recall ! To be honest one of the most obedient dogs ive had will jump stay sit and recall is spot on,out and straight back. When it comes to the feathered fellas theres on thing to remeber patience they come good in time put the work in and make your bond without it you really wont get what you need ! This dog would not retrieve for love nor money but i put the work in with no rewards for one day 3 years later the bloody thing retrieved and not just retrieve but jump retrieve i couldnt believe may eyes.thankfully i had the lads who new the lineage who constantly said it will do it and it did. I dont necessarily agree with bird about not running them with another dog , run the dog with the right dog a dog doing its job in out in out retrieve etc i start all my dogs this way.what you dont want to do is run it with a dog with bad habbits they dont half pick them up faster than the good ones.however i do agree with bird on you dont need much saluki in a lamping dog i think a quarter is perfect all the benefits and none of the plodding or faults which is were i think this dogs falls, your really dont need dogs that can run for 3 minutes on the lamp but more good enough stamina to last a hard night( alot of sort runs fast recovery) imo. Work on your bond first mate thats the way forward with a saluki. Dont loose your rag and if you are going to bluff your way out of it they will stand off you if you loose your rag. Salukis push every button they test you all the time . Stay patient mate put the time in go back to basics and youll end up were you want. Find what makes the dog tick food ball or whatever it is and that will be the key found salukis to just like a fuss with no intrested to anything else but every dogs different. Good luck hope you figure it out. Ar
  8. Ive let a few more lads know fingers crossed he turns up
  9. Got a phone call before to keep any out for this dog walk over the every day mate so ill keep and out
  10. I know what you mean mate still had no look so far burnt to a crisp know though blisters and all still a week left see if i can pull it out the bag carnt see it though asked a few people now seems to be abit like home they give you a funny luck and its just a straight no
  11. Was it any good mate and still no look yet fingers crossed though
  12. Looks a good type for hill work back home must have good feet to run on this stuff over here
  13. I was looking at them before wouldnt mind seeing one work never seen on before,with a bit of luck i can get out while im over here then pick up with my dogs when im back
  14. Any lads in Tenerife on here, i believe the hunting season over here is still open, wouldn't mind jumping on with someone while im over here see what the island has to offer.Or if any lands know of anywere over here that does trips. Cheers AR
  15. Not far from wigan just down the road in liverpool my two saluki whippet grey and collie grey saluki grey.
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