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  1. peter hankey View Advert looking for a whippet dog 3 - 6 months old. Advertiser jasperdog Date 01/03/20 Price £250.00 Category Working Lurchers  

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    looking for a whippet dog 3 - 6 months old.


  3. jasperdog

    Not Again

    wish I could drink had to stop smoking and drinking alcohol.
  4. jasperdog

    Not Again

    I have had heart attack triple heart by pass suffer with depression bad and I have now been told I have an enlarged spline to 17.5 cm and gallstones and have just had a secatery phone me to cancel an appointment with a dr I am taking a minimum of 50 mg of morphine a day. I don't know how much pain and suffering you are enduring but all I can say is I have told all my family and I am ready for death so preparation is all done I told my 94 yr old mother and she said well we will burn you lol she is losing it abit though. what ever you do mate don't give up and live every day to the limit my thoughts are with you.
  5. yes it's easier and the quality in both leather and craftsmanship is excellent. I but from Ashely Leatherworks Clarke.
  6. for me it's the quality.
  7. when you get to the floor you'll have some fun!
  8. you want to try gold crests they never stay still and fast with it?
  9. they are immune to the house hold poisons but the poisons for say rento kill still work but you need a liscense to use them. I agree the best way to deal with rats are with dogs.
  10. wish there was some fellas like you lot around my area. they think something wrong with you if you go watching the birds.
  11. Paulus whats wrong not one fuzzy pic mate you feeling alright?
  12. Any building near to where the pic was taken?
  13. jasperdog


    there is a petition going around on face book that is trying to get the government make the RSPCA responsible for their actions and to force them to keep the animal owners informed of anything going on with the animal.
  14. thanks very much but I am sorted.
  15. not a lot I can say you got money you can buy it!
  16. anyone breeding harris hawk in the north west PM me please.
  17. nice to see the lioness getting treatment but all that religious stuff does my head in.
  18. Paulus have you been taking photo lessons
  19. I used to do this with some of the lads in Lancaster we formed a lurcher racing club with the help of a fella called curry from leister. that was about 25 years ago. id don't think I have any of the photos now but we really had a good time.
  20. I don't understand he's guilty. he should be scientifically used in trial treatment with extremly painfull side effects.
  21. well after all that I feel better. I only had a heart attack and triple heart bypass. been in and out of hospital for 4years with chest pain now they decide that it is muscle and nerve damage from the op, so i'm on tramadol and now I am forever falling asleep. I then awake wonting the toilet and some times don't make it, only good thing is I live alone so no one to take the piss out of me.
  22. jasperdog

    Giant Rats

    seen rat that big in cumbria
  23. councils charge £30 a visit round this area.
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