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  1. squab


    Always better to soak the bread first,drys through the night gulls really got to go at it to get it off
  2. squab

    Feeding 8 week old pup

    At 8 weeks mine was fed 4 x a day as much as it could eat in one sitting,never leave food down for it to graze on so to speak early years I found it can cause fussy eater,as for what to feed I found the list of what not to feed a dog a lot shorter than what you can lol,variety is key I find,atb with it.
  3. squab

    Sickness bug

    Been ill since 20th december,was all I could do to get up and feed the dogs never felt so shit in all my life,finally went docs monday although I was over the worst of it,got chest infection now on antibiotics least im up and about with the dogs this past week,onwards and upwards hopefully
  4. squab

    One Of Richies Pups

    Just over 7 month,about 24tts,19kg,really tuned into the bushers now seeing few bits and bobs.couple pics,taken a liking to the b&w pics lol
  5. squab

    X38 contact info

    messaged you
  6. Im After couple ferrets,hobs or jills doesn't matter long as they well handled,beds or herts area if anyone can help me out,thanks
  7. squab


    Your choice
  8. squab

    good morning out

    Was red when I bought them,oh well she is a bitch after all,il get her some ribbons lol
  9. squab

    good morning out

    Spaniel x terriers mate
  10. squab

    Shaking lamp leaving it still?

    place i used to go rabbits where heading for home first sweep of the lamp so i started lamp on straight up the hedgerow it was like a light barrier they didnt want run through the beam,as i walked up hedgerow i d then sweep out and a few would be siting tight,anything to get the dog a few runs. always found the more powerful the lamp the better it was if you was trying to shake one away from cover
  11. squab

    good morning out

    worked their little socks off lol, plenty pushed out this morning lot scent taking them in cover pushing rabbits around and bolting a few so the lurcher pup seeing plenty. another nice size munty slipping away un noticed by the dogs from large cover they was working in. found this rock pile covered in bramble dogs pushed a few rabbits about but so many holes they just dropping in no pressure but kept the dogs interested for a while. How happy is that bitch lol
  12. squab

    That's where he's been

    Went see him live show few year ago,was shite left at the interval
  13. squab

    Admin` ? Is the search engine faulty ?

    Mines same,doing my nut in
  14. squab

    is there anything i can do?

    Some just seem to have bad ear carriage and wont ever change,you could be flipping it over for the rest of its life,best to get over it smartish
  15. squab

    Doubling up?

    Slip younger dog in once the other dog got it under manners wont do it any harm that way,easy to move on from this stage.