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  1. chelsea


    i was told the same dont think i,ll try her any more thanks for advice
  2. chelsea


    do you think it would happen again
  3. chelsea


    hi lads have a lakeland bitch 5yr old bred her for first time last year had 4 pups stillborn bred her again and she had 2 pups stillborn again has anyone had same thing happen
  4. chelsea

    Out Ratting

    where i live was always good for rats we a big flood few years ago havnt seen a rat since
  5. chelsea

    First litter

    Hi lads my Lakeland bitch had first litter of pups on Sunday 4 but they were all born dead anyone any advice why this could have happened
  6. chelsea

    Phantom Pregnancy

    My bitch just had one had her covered looked like she was having pups but nothing.
  7. chelsea


    Problem solved lads just sold one of the hobs
  8. chelsea


    Ok lads thanks for advice
  9. chelsea


    Is it ok to keep to hobs together
  10. chelsea


    Ok mate thanks dog well proven will try him again next time
  11. chelsea


    Owner said one cover was enough maybe needed more
  12. chelsea


    Hi lads tried to breed my Lakeland bitch in April but she never took dog covered her and tied 20 or 30 mins but no joy was talking to a bloke and he said to bring her to vet that could of had infection don't know myself first time trying to breed her any advice .She is 4 year old it would have been her first litter.
  13. chelsea


    Why do players sign contracts when they have no intention of seeing them out
  14. chelsea


    Hi lads had my Lakeland bitch mated 9weeks ago should be due pups this week the thing is she doesn't look very big she looks like a bitch on pup I can't feel anything when I check her she is 4yr old it would be her first litter
  15. chelsea

    Ferret Biting

    Have hob and Jill the Jill bites no problem with hob