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  1. Thank you I've settled on 3/4, I'll give the man a ring the weekend
  2. My friend has got a 3/4 bitch mate she's mustard on the lamp and 27" I'm going to get a Hancock dog, either 3:4 or half cross
  3. Hi guys I'm looking to get another lurcher in the next few months. I want a collie greyhound but I'm stuck between first cross and 3/4 greyhound. Pup will be an all rounder ferreting, lamping and bushing with terriers. What do you reckon is a better cross, half X or 3/4?
  4. i like a 1/4 bull 3/4 greyhound, quicker but you still get the prey drive
  5. cheers i'll have alook into those, and the NFU
  6. my dog is 14.5 tts, i've seen some beddys at the game fair at ridiculous sizes
  7. This may have been brought up before, but i can't find any good threads on it, i'm looking for pet insurance for my lurcher and 2 terriers to help with the bill if i have to go to the vets, anyone have any advice or recommendations on companies and working dogs?
  8. i live near forestfach i bought the terrier from a man in Cardiff, he's keen as mustard, i was told that the line he is bred from originally came from swansea and are from working earth dogs, hoping to enter him to fox on sunday, i know of a few local boys with bedlingtons most of which go to ground
  9. your dog had the same right to be in the field as that cat, you've tried to do the decent thing and they have thrown it back in your face, they're not looking after the animal if they let it roam wherever it wants, if a car hits it on the road it's not the drivers fault? so why should you be liable in this case?
  10. nice dog mate, best dog i have owned was a 1st cross saluki greyhound,best of luck finding the right dog to put over her
  11. has anyone ever run mountain hare? how different are they to the irish or brown?
  12. Got given a terrier bitch by a friend the weekend , she's 1/4 border 3/4 patterdale 11 months old has anyone worked this X?
  13. my old saluki greyhound could jump anything, never caught himself on barbs, but it does have its pros and cons, if your permission or land has a lot of chained fences it's handy but it doesn't take 10 seconds to lift a dog over a fence
  14. trophy hunters do my head in, if something is rare, help preserve it, don't whipe it out for bragging rights!
  15. sad news, people need to realise the responsibilities involved in owning a dog
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