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  1. used to make something similar when i was a kid. cut the top 1/3 off a plastic bottle and tape a finger from a rubber glove on the end the cap goes. wasn't a window safe for miles.
  2. A candle light dinner will sort her right out mate.
  3. Is that not what Cameron and most of the politicians in England done, when Scotland were about to vote for their independence? Something which most on here supported if I remember rightly. Is it ok for for politicians to use their influence to deny one country its freedom, yet not ok to use it to deny anothers?
  4. Think that's an older story lad.
  5. It's a great day. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-35869071
  6. we can only hope there is a devil too! c**ts
  7. Licking boys heads in there was also that other melt with "memphis"
  8. amazing footage. the flying fish were class too.
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