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  1. Also it's consistent at 11.5 to my understanding the HW100 are regulated?
  2. As everyone has stated ginger shooter I'm banned from using any rifle weather it be a 1 lb or 100 lb unfortunately.
  3. Hw100 T. 22. Purchased on the 27th of April. Box and receipt. Paid £ 750 and I'm looking for £ 650. Believe me I do not want to sell this but I've got a firearms ban that I didn't no affected sub 12 air rifles. I'm located in cowbridge. South Wales. Not sure how to add a picture but if you send me your email if interested I can forward a few. This is mint though.
  4. I no people down my club who have been to jail who own full bore rifles. Makes no sense that you can still buy a air rifle, it's crazy.
  5. Shame that. Anyway way of appealing?
  6. Shame that. Anyway way of appealing?
  7. Struggling to find anything otherwise mate. Some say your not as a air rifle is classed as a firearm?
  8. I was talking to a friend of mine over the weekend who is interested in taking up air rifle plinking with myself, but back in 2003 he was convicted of GBH and sentenced to 7 years of which he serviced about 3 years 8 months. He thinks when he got out he signed a lifetimes firearms ban. We've looked online and can't find if this would affect him using a sub 12 air rifle as everything we've found only states firearms with live ammunition. Can anyone help?
  9. Not really got on them at moment mate been clearing the rats on there, farmer seen a few lately so asked to sort them out. Bought a hide net on the weekend so going to set something up in the next few weeks.
  10. Quick fill? Where are you mate?
  11. I honestly wish I'd of used Sandwell when I got mine tuned. Had it done recently came back as smooth as silk, put a pellet on turret and it would just about move, noticed last time I took it out that it seemed a bit more of a kick to it. Put pellet on top to test flew a mile away lol.
  12. Id never fork out up to a grand on a nv not when ive seen the results you can get on home made nvs for 150
  13. Will give it a whirl mate getti g frustrating trying to stalk but 8 know it's completely pointless even trying.
  14. Would sitting in the field be ok say laying prone with out a hide? Hate setting up hides lol
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