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  1. Millet; Live, or dried? I'm assuming live then? Paul; Lend me your sparrows! I'll ring the f**king lot of them! (Been going great guns on them, round here, this last few weeks too. If it's there? They'll try eating it!)
  2. Well; The Irish lads needn't give a f**k, anyway
  3. Nice idea, about the spoon, mate. Only ~ I don't know what hatches nests are like, inside but; Swallows have these really grippy little feet, on these nasty, short little legs. And they're the absolute f**kers for gripping the animal hair and feathers the nest is usually lined with. Start trying to scrape Them out with a spoon? Soon find the rings won't stay on ....! Know what I'm saying? Ring sizes? Yeah, I know, mate. I'd use an E ring on, say, a collared dove! Utter chaos, you and me trying to work together. " 'Ere, Fires, bung us an E ring, mate .......... What The
  4. I've just ringed a nest full of half grown swallows. F**king murder, getting them out of the nest, without breaking it up. Then, shoving them all back in there? It's like stuffing five more students into a phone box! But, those little f**kers will be three times their size, and still cramming in there! It's mental what birds do. Oh, and ring size E?! F**k off! It's A for a goldie and B for a house sparrow! Ask Mr Wilkes!
  5. F**k it, Gem; Ye beat me to it! That's exactly what I came in here to say. Well, I s'pose at least we now have a bloke saying it too
  6. Is There any other, mate? All was working fine. Yeah? Now, it's f**ked. Someone must have touched Something. Internet doesn't just blow in here and f**k shit up. Never happens on my Blog. Only I f**k shit up there. By Doing something. Now, we just wait for some smarmy c*** to come along and explain how this was all due to sun spot activity. No one'd touched anything. And Pete is the only c*** round here. Yeah. Right. Believe who ye choose ..... Pssst! Wanna see an Incredible pair of jugs, on a islamic chick ....? PM me. Or I'll disappear too .....
  7. They've f**ked about with and f**ked up AGAIN. Simple's
  8. Is The Hound f**k as like dead! If he was dead, she'd have f**king Killed him ~ the blonde maggot, I mean. (Sorry; I'm so f**king deaf I don't manage to catch half their names) Love her to bits though (The Maggot)! Absolutely bonded to her Word! Faithful as a Dog. Anyone ever hurts her? I'll f**king hate their character for ever! The Hound too; What a f**king character! If I was six foot f**ck. Built like a brick shit house. And able to fight like that ....? Well; At least the language would come naturally!
  9. They'd rather leave it to The Professionals .....
  10. Thanks a f**king Lot for reminding me of that! FFS! Now I need to get blind drunk again, just to try and erase the image!
  11. Saw a great cartoon somewhere, once ..... Bird, laying on a psychiatrists couch. Bird's saying: " My mother used to throw up into my mouth "
  12. So; Do both 'parents' usually feed chicks? And, is it done by regurgitation?
  13. I did do, one time. F**king GSD following some thirteen year old girl about the streets. Decided it wanted some of mine and there's her just smirking as she denies the thing's anything to do with her. It was a right f**king situation. The thing wouldn't actually get to grips. But, I knew, if I dragged mine away, it'd be on their backs. Let my male off, to f**k its shit up? Well; We all know where That would lead to! So, I considered I had no choice. I rang the Police and said I wished to report a Dog Attack. Figured they could have a word with the adults, who were probably entirely un
  14. What the f**king hell's that in ye pocket, Phil?! Or are ye Really pleased with that pup?!
  15. " Evolve " ....? Yeppers. That's what it did, mate. It Evolved. Started 'evolving', after about the seventh or eighth pint ~ like it do ..... Taken me Days to get round to actually Creating it. (Yes. I think that's a nice word) The Creation took a minute or two longer than it took me to go to the other room and fetch the bits in. What a shame I haven't got an ebay account though. I could offer my one. Then, your own advert could point mine out, saying; " Don't accept inferior imitations! " F**k me! That'd be some savage craic!
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