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  1. Max would be singing and dancing up and down Fawcett street if the Saudis were buying Sunderland.........
  2. Absolute load of nonsense ! There's loads of working and show whippets in Ireland , go to any show and you'll meet any amount of people with them. The guys either an idiot or out for a bite !
  3. It's no good saying " I'm in the middle of nowhere, not near anyone, what harm am I doing"; what if you have an accident when your shooting, or a car crash going to or from your shooting ? You could be tying up essential services, fire brigade, ambulances, police, medics. You might need doctors, nurses, medical professionals, medicines, all of which are needed elsewhere, not serving some selfish fool who couldn't do without his shooting for a few weeks or months ! Its simple, if you don't NEED to go out........DON'T !!!
  4. These two gready, self centred, entitled arseholes have just made millions of normal, working people think; "do we REALY need these people ? "
  5. Let's be honest here; if the balding , ginger , spoilt prick wasn't a prince, the money grabbing , fame hungry bitch wouldn't have given him a second glance !! Yeah, let them go their own way, let's see how far they'd get without the titles and money they get from being royals ! But of course, they will keep the titles and the money that comes from sad fuckers who go to work every day just to feed their kids and pay the mortgage, that's just the way it is !!!!
  6. Those people who dragged those idiots of the train roof, the ones who gave them a kicking and the ones that applauded were bothered enough ! Wilf, you are wrong to think these eco lunatics are "sticking it to the man "......... the only man they are sticking it to is the working man.
  7. Not sure what all the discussion is about, but Max is very keen on facts. Well, the fact is Sunderland are in the third tier of English football. They may probably, but not guaranteed, be promoted to the second tier of English football, but that means they are still not a top team. Top teams play in the Premier League, not the second or third tiers. There are plenty of teams with "history" , but it doesn't matter what your team did in the 1800's or the 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's or whenever........it's what they are doing today ! Yeah, Sunderland get good crowds, but what difference doe
  8. I know there are still 1,000s of northerners that vote Labour just because their dads and grandads did, and there is still the diehard knuckle draggers that would vote for a monkey with a red rosette , they ACTUALY did in Hartlepool !!! But I don't know many up here who want Corbyn to be PM, .......his support is the champagne socialists and Islington lefties and of course London is now the Labour power base ! University Professors, students unions, lefty journalists and the media; these are the people who want Corbyn and his Marxists in power, not the working class north. If there w
  9. Where's Young Max ? Oh yeah, he's looking at the semi pro league table where Sunderland have dropped to 5th while the toon are beating one of the best teams in the world, in the best league in the world !!!
  10. Didn't he say we must respect the referendum and the will of the people ? Then as soon as leave won, he set about trying to reverse the result ! Just another politician.
  11. When the team your whole life revolves around is in freefall, dropping from the top tier of English football to the third tier in successive seasons, what do you do ? Well, if your a Sunderland supporter you obsess about a team from a different city, that is two divisions above you ! Very strange..........
  12. You like facts Max, look up DeLoittes football financial reports and you will see Benitez has never been given a fortune, the opposite is true, he's had to sell to buy. Ashley has been transferring million of profit out of Newcastle to his other businesses. I couldn't care less about Benitez, nufc, SAFC or football in general, but when you keep posting the same untruth about £80 million I'll remind you that you're wrong.
  13. Benitez actually made £30 million PROFIT on transfers when they were in the championship. He wasn't given £80 million. Just like the last transfer window, when he made a £23 million profit. Ashley has made money from transfers, not spent money.
  14. Remind us how far Wales got in the World Cup...........
  15. I thought England did well in the first half, but thought " please, please, don't sit back and defend a one goal lead"; but that's exactly what they did for a while ! In the second half, you could see what was coming. My heart sank as I saw extra time approaching. Sterling is never going to score, Kane spent more time in midfield than attack, and I couldn't see where an England goal would come from ! England did better than expected.....but, as usual, we expected more !
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