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  1. What c**ts! Sad pathetic c**ts! I'd go to a free 30min consultation with a soliciter if anything comes,
  2. CrowHawker

    Eagle Owl

    Can't pm mate give I a txt on 07864699821. Cheers
  3. Just get it mate for sure
  4. Nice looking chap Atb with the sale
  5. Ok good but keep placing her back on it not letting her fly to it. Good luck with dummy
  6. Take her back every time as if you let her fly when your out she will bait towards them and when free look to land don't fly her to you from her perch either this will make her bait also fly her from a post/fence etc
  7. Untouched don't always mean it's good left in the pen to long can be just as bad. What have your mentors said?
  8. Be better to weight for the spring.
  9. How much research have you done?
  10. Having 1000 acres outside your back gates helps.
  11. I fly a brother and sister and grandmother all at same time!
  12. I don't see one personally they do it in the wild too.
  13. CrowHawker

    Tame Hack

    Never with a accipiter, but falcons and me old buzzard.
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